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Session 146 - 148 - Where Everybody Knows Your Name

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The Maladroits returned to Riparia, their adopted home for the past few months of their quest. Though thankfully free of the Invincible Trio, it had still become an unwelcoming place thanks to their efforts. Trying to keep their minds on the task at hand, they headed to the Tower to confer with their few remaining allies. On their way to the top chambers, they came across a half-elf wizard by the name of Simone who had recently arrived from the Tower's sister school, the Ivory Academy. She was a scholar of legends and lore, and told them the story of a faraway mountain range called Avannan. This particularly caught Callon's attention, as his original vision that lead to him leaving Morend involved a mountain range and being gifted with the Avanni language. After he surprised the scholar with his knowledge of the shattered moon, she went on to explain that it was fabled to be the resting place of the goddess Avanna. Dwarves guarded its depths, but dwarves unlike the kind known today. These were dwarves of legend, and spoken of as closest to the ideal of dwarves. All she could say to its location was that it was purported to be in the far east, beyond Morend and Tortuftus. They hadn't even conferred with the Divine Blade, and yet the party felt their path laying itself in front of them. 

Meeting with the masters of the Tower was a somber affair. Rufus looked somehow even weaker than before, and it pained the group that they could not, considering the stakes of their collective efforts, ask him to stop his work. Callon ventured into the mindscape for one final communion with the Divine Blade Aria now that only one Shard remained. Many shocking truths were revealed, from Carissa being awake to Oragor gifting the tattoo they had seen on Jonid to his lieutenants so that he could communicate with them. It occurred to Callon that he had not seen the Shard of Illusion yet. When he asked, he watched as Aria reached out through a hole in the air and grabbed the hand of another of herself and used the hand to slap Callon across the face. Now outside the mindscape, he realized that Aria had been the Shard of Illusion the whole time and was talking to Callon in bubble of illusion. He shared what he had been told, even though none of them could be sure what was true and what was a lie.

Since they had begun collecting the Shards, everyone involved in the effort had been wondering how they would forge them once more into the Sword of Magic. What they had recently learned of Avannan gave them hope and at the very least a lead. They began their preparations like they had for every other sojourn, but realized that not only would this journey perhaps be longer than any other so far, but they also had little reason to return to Riparia. Since they would be heading east, they decided to try going by sea, and sought a way to make the Dibs sea-worthy. The first task, of course, was bringing it over from the Plane of Shadow. A visit to the Tiderunners Consortium availed them of a method, but they would have to do a task first. There was a meeting soon between leaders of the Crow and the Stingblades to exchange some very dangerous items. The Tiderunners couldn't afford to get involved openly, but they could send adventurers to try and stop it.

The Maladroits wanted to do this undercover, so they availed themselves of Lucas' Gem of Gender-change. With some additional disguise work from Lucas, they began roaming the town as new adventurers looking for dark dealings they could take a stand against. After gathering enough info, they headed underground and hid in order to ambush the two groups. The underworld bosses finally arrived with their attendants, but before the Maladroits could make their move an unexpected group of heroes burst onto the meeting and declared their intent to stop the exchange. Rushed into action, the Maladroits had to struggle with helping the quickly overwhelmed heroes and trying to apprehend the leaders and their contraband. Unfortunately, the Stingblade leader escaped with a terribly potent poison, but they were able to capture the Crow leader who had come for a strange, wispy creature held in a cage, which Knox and Alera suspected was the manifested form of a soul.

Having done their duty, the Tiderunners used their artifact to bring over the Dibs and began to fit it for the sea. Lucas watched and learned what he could of seamanship. Callon, in his female form, was spared the slurs and hostility that the Maladroits usually received from the denizens of Riparia thanks to the rumors of the Invincible Trio. He found himself wistful of Morend and the respect his name and profession awarded him. 

Eventually, the work was done and the time came to leave. The Maladroits went through the city and got their affairs in order. It was solemn work, and not a few tears were shed as they said goodbye to friends who had stood and fought by them. They offered their now-empty rooms at Bramblewick to Elistra, Yanjing, and any other of their allies who might need a place to stay. Lucas checked in with Emmett and Kokichi. Alera paid a final visit to the Congregate. Callon promised the preserved body of Cordova that they would bring her back one day. Knox took Amii to the top of the tower and shared a kiss with the fire-haired mage. 

After their separate business, the friends took a final stroll around the city. It had loved them, hated them, but still had welcomed them and became home for a time. They took to the air with Knox's magic and watched the evening shadows stretching over the great city, just as they had every day before. Should the Maladroits succeed, it would see many more. The next day they set out on the Dibs, into waters and futures unknown.  

Session 145 - No Fate But What You Make

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After claiming responsibility for what happened, the Maladroits continued to question the Norn. Each cryptic answer only left them more confused. The Norn sensed their hesitation and forced their hand by attacking. Her first moves banished Callon to the labyrinth of the Maze spell and gave Lucas a deadly heart attack via Phantasmal Killer. Fortunately, the rogue's Determination armor brought him back, though still on death's door. Knox tried a spell which was unable to get past her defenses and was hurt for his efforts. Alera gave her teammate some much needed healing, only for the Norn to assault him again and once more send the life from his body. His rogue's resiliency helped bring him back this time, but the pattern was growing old quick. 

Not only had the Norn avoided attacking Alera, it had been staring at her the whole fight. Even when a casting of Destruction ravaged its figure, it still seemed like it was expecting her to do something. Alera felt the tug of intuition leading her to a realization and tried to put the pieces together. The Norn said she had been responsible for what had happened to her monastery. And what had happened? A kind of program or long term plan to achieve some great, lasting power. What were the means to that? Children brought in regularly, often from terrible circumstances, and raised with strict training and harsh expectations. Now how did the Norn fit in? She was a being tied to fate itself. Ancient, and possessing knowledge and insight beyond any mortal. What had she been trying to achieve? Or, if everything involved training people, WHO had she been trying to achieve?

Alera, a cleric adored and nearly worshipped among her fellow believers, stood there. She brimmed with the power of her patron, to the extent that any mortal would be capable. She could weave Miracles. Before her, the Norn also stood, not as some unassailable force, but another foe to be dealt with. Had ALERA herself been the end goal this whole time? Had the Norn seen what was coming to pass with the Shards and knew that defenders were needed? Had she tugged on the strings of fate that lead to the accidents that lead to so many orphans? Had she orchestrated the meeting of the Maladroits themselves?

Alera thought back to her brothers and sisters. If true, it meant that they had somehow been lacking. It pained her to even think of it, but the truth was as firm as the sword and shield she held raised. She was here; they were not. She had a chance to act, to make a difference. Had she done enough? Had she made the right choices? No, it didn't matter. Right now, she had choices to make, and an enemy that was waiting on her to do so.

Climbing onto the backs of the pews, Alera took long strides across them until the towering woman was before her. Drawing back her scimitar, she attacked. The Norn did not surrender or give ground, but she no longer assaulted the rest of the Maladroits, as if trying to remove the distractions that kept Alera from taking action. Callon had finally returned from the confines of the maze, and was surprised to see hesitant Alera locked in combat with the Norn. Sensing her determination, he followed her lead and joined her in the fight. 

The Norn, already weakened, didn't last long. Even in its death, however, there was a strange calm and acceptance. Inscrutable to the end, the Maladroits thought there was a contentedness in its visage as the woman fell, seeing her goals realized and all her long work vindicated. The price had been high, but against the weight of the world, had it been worth paying? Standing in the silence of the long abandoned temple, the adventurers heard no answers.

Session 144 - Deviations from the Norn

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Putting the issue of the undead aside for now, the Maladroits pushed on until they finally reached Alera's old hilltop home. Looking upon the simple wooden buildings, the party remembered their previous fight and decided for caution in approaching it. Taking to the air, they surveyed the cloister. They saw no movement or anything that spoke of foul deeds being done. It was strangely derelict, though, with signs of neglect. Even more troubling, there was some kind of aura of silence about the area. The grass swayed in motion, and wooden shutters knocked against buildings, but they heard no wind nor discerned the crack of wood on wood.

Splitting into two groups, they decided to investigate further. Callon and Alera took the conspicuous route and entered the main hall. Rapping his knuckles on the door, the pair were surprised that it produced sound as normal. Even more bizarre, Alera noticed that the door squeaked, even though the hinges were perfectly oiled. Entering, they found it as bare as the rest of the complex. The only curiosity was the lack of chairs where the instructors would sit at the end of the great hall. Knox and Lucas quietly entered the dormitories, looking for anything amiss. Not a soul or trace of one could be found. They noticed that the nameplates for each room were written in Sylvan, which seemed an odd choice for followers of Heironeous. Removing one, they found that the student's name was written in common on the reverse, leading them to suspect that the Sylvan had been left as a message. Translating each nameplate, a message emerged:

"All of this is for a reason. All of you are for a reason. All that happens is for a reason. Every reason is for a reason."

A thoroughly unsettled Lucas led Knox to rendezvous with the others and was the first to voice that this was not a place where they should linger. Still, the group - and Alera foremost - demanded answers. They moved to the classrooms next, and split the rooms between themselves. Lucas, investigating the classrooms, found strange writing on the chalkboard. Alera, looking through the library, examined books she had reach in her younger days. To her astonishment, they were not the books themselves, but poor copies of what had been written in them. Callon, taking to the teachers' offices, found various instructions for how to create Heironiacal items. He even found one such item: a crudely crafted longsword with the heraldry of the war god worked into it. Knox, entering the headmaster's office, was amazed at what he found. Upon one wall was a litter of papers pinned up with strings running between them. Reading as fast as he could, he pieced together some kind of plan to pass on the knowledge and preservation of the ways of the cloister to a being or agent unburdened by aging and death so that would be able to eventually carry it onward perpetually. Calling the rest of the group in, he shared what he had found. Equal parts amazed and aghast, they resolved that it was time to visit their last destination: the temple.

The heavy doors to the sanctuary opened with the same solemnity they had always known. The petitioners who entered came like many before them seeking answers, even if theirs was a more immediate and temporal quandary. Finally they had more than the remains of the long departed. At the other end of the room, a tall and beautiful woman stood next to the altar. Nearly equal in size to the undead they had recently fought, she gave off a serene and ancient air. Knox knew it to be a Norn, a spirit ancient beyond imagining bound to fate itself. Addressing it, Callon asked if it was responsible for what had they had found in the monastery. Running an enormous hand over the reel of golden thread she carried, the otherworldly woman calmly said it was.

Session 143 - The Gathered Faithful

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The Maladroits chatted happily as they walked. The crisp air, empty road, and vibrant autumn trees surrounding them made for a picturesque hike. Despite their lingering misgivings, they were starting to think that maybe things would go back to being (relatively) okay. As they rounded a corner, that conceit was rudely disrupted by a towering undead in tattered robes floating just ahead of them.

Racking his prodigious mind, Knox identified the entity as a Saxra, a creature borne of memories and interested in lore. Without much else to go on, the group approached cautiously. They called out to it, remembering their encounter with 1201 and knowing that not all battles are unavoidable. At the mention of talking and swapping stories, the creature turned its head slightly and raised an arm as if in greeting. The area around it all the way to the party was immediately filled with sharp and broken bones. Now accepting the fight before them, they all waited in place for Knox to grant them Mass Fly so they could engage the Saxra without having to worry about being impaled. 

Before they could engage, however, the Saxra pointed a finger at Knox and blasted away his life force with a Finger of Death spell after he had granted the boon of flight. The wizard fell lifeless into the mass of broken and oozing bones. Fortunately, Alera was nearby and was able to bring him to back to life while it still lingered in his form. Lucas and Callon flew forward to flank the monster, slashing and hacking viciously at it from opposing sides. For its part, the claws it swiped at the pair carried the pallor of death with them, and drained them of strength. Alera floated toward the creature, then, and let fly a specially prepared Heal spell. The undead writhed at the influx of such potent restorative energies, but its cries were short-lived. Focusing her holy might, Alera freed the positive energy that suffused her body and soul and sent it against her foe. The abomination burnt away under the assault of such a life-giving aura, and the battle was won.

Still careful of the terrain, the Maladroits examined the creature. Lucas found it especially odd that an undead would be found not far from where a monastery to Heironeous stood. Looking at its bones, they came to a horrible realization. It was made from Alera's fellow clerics and worshippers who resided at her former home. Not just adults were taken, either, but children, as well, and with violence, by Callon's seasoned estimate of skeletal damage from weaponry. Alera's form was surrounded by holy light once more, and her balled fists shone with the barely restrained power of righteous fury and anger. She would cleanse this horrid thing from existence and let her brethren rest. Lucas stepped in and put forth an interposing arm, saying that the remains were more useful if they were used to bring her friends back. Callon, too, overcame his own disgust and anger to turn and envelop his friend - and the first Maladroit he had met on his sojourn from Morend - in a sorrowful embrace. He, too, wanted vengeance, but Lucas was right. He asked that she stay her hand, and they would help her rain holy judgment upon those who had wrought such evil. 

Tempers calmed, Knox asked Lucas about a moment in the battle when the rogue had been able to dispel a magical effect on the Saxra. Lucas explained with not a little joy, not realizing at the time what he had finally accomplished after so many failed attempts in previous fights. The creature had an aura of Desecrate about it, and it had been amplified by a nearby altar. Searching around, they finally examined the creature's equine skull and noticed a red glow still coming from within. There they found a ruby wreathed in gold wire and covered with profane supplications to Urgathoa, goddess of undeath. Lucas looked away as Alera took the precious gem and smashed it upon the holy symbol in her shield. 

The road ahead of them held dangers they had not dared suspect until now. Removing themselves from the field of bone, they took a rest. Alera would Consecrate the ground and remove all blemishes of undeath before moving on. Whoever was behind this horror had done in the faithful of Heironeous, but those were stoles that had long since fallen from Alera's shoulders. Now the holy fires of Sarenrae were coming, and they would not be so easily quenched. 

Session 142 - The Road of Perdition

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The next morning, the Maladroits broke camp and surveyed once more the devastation that had been wrought. The field still remained around the broken carcass of the mythical beast, so they could rest easy, though not for long. Not knowing how long it would be before proper measures to contain the Terrasque could be put in place (and also hoping that such measures existed), they began to cordon off the area and tried to think of how to keep travelers from coming across it, as they were in the middle of a well-traveled road.

To their fortune, a trio of local druids emerged from the forest. They had come to investigate the disturbance they had heard, and were shocked at what they saw. After briefly explaining the situation, they gladly offered to help. Along with the Maladroits, they felled a number of trees to be used as barricades and road blocks. Callon also enlisted Alera's help to fashion a makeshift sledge for their now containerless equipment. After those preparations were made, Lucas and Callon led two of the druids to the cavern where the Terrasque had been sleeping in order to make sure the mutated goblins didn't share the beast's penchant for regeneration. Fortunately, the corpses laid where they were slain, though the druids opted to keep one of their own on lookout. Finally, they sent one of Morvant's Homing Bats towards Riparia with a message of what had happened, in case it might reach the Tower before Alera could prepare a casting of Sending. Knox also reported the results of his day of examining the remains, telling the group that his best guess was that the field keeping the beast from recovering would last a time, but not to count on more than a month or two if luck held out.

With their precautions finished, the Maladroits settled into another evening of camping, this time joined by the druids. They tried to lift their spirits with shared stories. Being so close to Alera's monastery, the cleric and the captain began talking of their time there. Hearing the description of the place, Lucas became suspect of how such a remote place came to be wardens of so many orphans. Alera dismissed it at first, but eventually agreed that it might bear investigating. Callon, recounting his own limited time there, also found some troubling memories. 

When morning came, they thanked the druids and bid them farewell, assuring them that further magical help would be on its way. With curiosity piqued, they began the short hike to Alera's monastery, and another rendezvous with history.

Session 141 - A Price Too High Terrasque

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With Guntz's life on the line, the Maladroits had no choice but to engage the Terrasque. The lingering Freedom of Movement that Knox had cast on them kept the Terrasque from devouring any of them, but it was a small blessing. It proved every bit as challenging as its legend told, healing almost all the damage done to it almost immediately. For her part, Alera found her healing abilities pushed to the limit as the fighters managed to get it looking somewhat hurt. The day of endless battles was taking its toll on the party's reserves, and all knew that another solution was needed.

The chance to find that solution arrived when Knox successfully cast the Terrasque into a Maze. While it would give the beast time to fully heal, it also allowed the group time to recuperate themselves and figure out a strategy for defeating it. Brainstorming with Guntz, they remembered the odd abilities of his suit and its Unmagic. He said that he might be able to disrupt the Terrasque's abilities with the field of disruption he had used before by striking the borders of reality. It sounded like a good start, until the Maladroits remembered that they had both a Portable Hole and a Bag of Holding. They all knew the dangers of combining the two items, and realized that it might be a perfect way to deal with the monster. Destroying both items by putting the hole into the bag would create a rift to the Astral Plane. While there were many creatures there who would not be too happy at such an unstoppable horror appearing on their doorstep, the plane itself was vast beyond imagining. Chances were good it would simply end up floating aimlessly through a silver expanse. 

While no one wanted to be sucked in along with the Terrasque, Lucas volunteered to be the one to deliver the trap. He was the nimblest, he argued, and in case he was sucked in, he was the most expendable of the group in the long run. This mature evaluation shocked and impressed Callon, and showed just how much he had grown. Moments before the Terrasque was to reappear, Guntz argued that he should be the one to deliver it, because of both his protective armor and the reach it afforded him. The Maladroits emptied the bag of holding and handed both items to the half-dragon. 

Moving out of reach, the group watched their armored friend take position next to where the Terrasque had disappeared. Finally, it popped back into existence, and Guntz immediately grappled it. Looking over to the Maladroits, he smiled sadly and said, "<insert cool departing phrase>." Then, he turned a knob on the chestplate of his armor and initiated the self-destruct sequence. The group shouted out for him to stop, then had to shield their eyes as a magic explosion washed over them. When it cleared, they saw the split open carcass of the Terrasque in the middle of a field of pink energies. Watching for a few moments, they could tell that it was thankfully not regenerating. They would still have to get help to keep it that way, since there was no way of knowing if the field would last.

Spent, hurting, and devastated at losing yet another friend, they made camp for the night, hoping to finally find some long-overdue rest.

Session 140 - One of Those Days

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The news at the Tower was dire. Rufus had been made aware of happenings in the southeast near Alera's home temple. A terrible beast of legend, called the Terrasque, had been hibernating there for century, perhaps millenia. However, Oragor was moving in, and there was a good chance he might awaken it. There was not much known about it, except that it was unkillable, known as a destroyer of kingdoms, and was supposed to be more active. There was no good solution to dealing with the double threat, so the Maladroits were being sent as the only recourse available.

One quick teleport scroll later, the Maladroits found themselves standing at the entrance to a massive chamber where a enormous beast of nightmare lay defeated and unmoving. A group of goblins surrounded it, calling out to it as their savior to help them win their losing battle with Riparia. Embedded in its back was a simple blade, and the Maladroits knew it immediately to be the final Shard of Abjuration. Fresh despair gripped their hearts as they saw Oragor Dreadthorne walk across the back of the titan and grip the handle of the blade. With a quick motion, he pulled it free. As it stirred, he spared the Maladroits a single, resigned look before turning and walking away, fading away with each step.

The monster's regenerative abilities left no time to act as it stirred and began changing into an even more terrifying form. Even worse, the goblins surrounding it began to change, as well. They grew and mutated, becoming fearsome in their own right. The party prepared for battle.

Knox and Alera tried sending spells at the group as the beast began to rise. They found some success on the changed goblins, but the Terrasque itself seemed mostly immune. As it began to move towards them in order to reach the exit of the cave, they decided to let it pass. The rumors alone were enough for them to know they couldn't face it and the cadre of goblins at once. As it raced towards the exit, they turned back to their other foes and began their assault.

Spells flew and blades flashed. Coming from goblins, these changed creatures proved more annoyance than actual threat. Still, the Maladroits were finding themselves working with dwindling resources as they were forced into battle after battle without time for rest. With the last goblin felled, they raced to the exit of the cave to see where the Terrasque had gone.

The roars and clouds of dust some mile away were easy enough to spot, and also told them of its terrible speed. Using Knox's only casting of Haste, they bolted towards it. Perhaps they could do something to keep it from trampling Riparia underfoot. When they caught up to it, they were shocked to find Guntz there, battered but barely holding in place with his armor. They could also see he would not last long by himself. Their bodies begged for rest, but their resolve remained firm. 

It would pass no further.

Session 139 - In a Workshop! With a Box of Pink Rocks!

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Racing after Gunst, the Maladroits found him in the middle of a town square. He was surrounded by a magical aura that bent the air around him like a hot road. They tried calling out to him, but he clearly was not in the proper mind to respond. They moved in and prepared to engage him.

With his magical vision, Knox tried to get a better understanding of what forces were at play with the armor. When he looked at Gunst, however, all he saw was a sphere of utter black. He was almost blinded when looking away from him because of how bright the regular world was in comparison. Delving deep into his arcane knowledge, he remembered the theory of Unmagic. It was different from Anti-Magic in that it did not simply prevent magic from propagating into tangible effects, but rather absorbed all magics and twisted the paths of mana so much that all potentials and possibilities of a spell were squelched. Or enacted all at once, depending on your source. It was a very confusing theory.

With much of their spell arsenal rendered ineffective, Alera and Knox fell back to supporting Callon and Lucas as they laid injuries into Gunst. They hoped that rendering him unconscious would somehow shut down the armor and bring him back to his senses. Indeed, after a fierce battle, Gunst fell to the ground under the weight of many grievous wounds. The aura from that armor that had been filling the area around it with a strange pink glow immediately ceased. It stopped pulling on Gunst's mind and lifeforce, and he gasped back to life, once more in his right mind.

He hardly had time to assure the Maladroits of his regained control and explain the properties of the suit when Eueth flew in and breathlessly told the group that there was an emergency and they had to get to the Ivory Tower NOW. Gunst took off at a job, and the rest of the group mounted the phoenix, mentally bracing themselves for their next trial.

Sessions 137 & 138 - The Villains in Your History

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Tumbling out of the entrance to the Pimento, the Maladroits didn't have time to concoct a counterattack before the Royal Guard surrounded them and placed them under arrest. Confused and protesting, they nonetheless relented. Taken back to the palace, they were placed in cells, along with Callon's lifeless body. They were told that not only had Princess Jessa had been returned by the Invincible Trio, but they had discovered that the Maladroits had been keeping her captive. They readily agreed to be questioned under the effects of a Zone of Truth.

When questioned, they tried to answer truthfully but heard themselves relate the same tale the Trio had told. However, when Callon was questioned via Speak with Dead, he told their true account that had no involvement with hiding Jessa. The Minister of Magic was inclined to believe them, and had them brought to the king. 

Along the way, and in a far off realm, Callon spoke with the spirit of his sword. It had the power to bring him back to life, but it didn't yet see what good that would accomplish. Callon managed to convince it that he needed to be there for his team and to speak to the truth of whatever was happening that caused him to be questioned. The Maladroits were surprised and happy when the body they had been dragging sprung back to life and stood amongst them once more.

The king agreed with the Minister of Magic in his own faith in the Maladroits. He explained how the Trio had returned Jessa and taken the money promised them. To prove his point, he called for Jessa. The young girl appeared from a side door and approached the group. However, when she touched the Anti-Magic Field that had been erected, she disappeared. Merely a carefully and exquisitely crafted illusion. The king sagged in despair, but Callon stepped forward and urged him to hold his head high despite this betrayal and trust that the people he could trust would deliver Jessa home.

The Maladroits were cleared of all charges and released. Returning to the streets, however, they found the public turned against them by pamphlets and rumors spread by the Trio before they left for parts unknown with their ill-gotten gains. Ignoring the crowds as best they could, they went about their business. 

First, a trip to the haul to deal with broken equipment. Lots of equipment was sold both to garner funds and to lighten their collective loads. Callon even sold his Ring of Blinking, deciding not to rely on it anymore. With their business finished, they went to check in on other friends before making the inevitable trek to the Tower with their new Shard of Illusion. 

Arriving at Kokichi's, they were alarmed to find the workshop blown out and Kokichi himself picking himself off the ground. The gnome told them that he had finally gotten the suit working, but that something had gone wrong with the magics and it had run amok with Gunst inside. Following his lead, they left him to race after it and hopefully stop it before it could do any true damage to the city that was feeling less and less like home.

Session 136 - Invicible Triage

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The assembled heroes decide to put an end to the mortal threat of Jonid. Before Callon deals the final blow, however, Knox stops him and does the deed himself. With their foe now deceased, Alera immediately attempts a Speak with Dead spell, only for it to fail when cast. Master Morvant is furious at this and storms off to vent his rage at Jonid's continued annoyance with some violent spellcasting.

Finally returning to the surface by way of the Green Olive, the Maladroits find it in a state of panic. Seeking the cause, they find the Invincible Trio of Bull, Cat, and Fox tearing up the Pimento in a veeery drunken rampage. Before the heroes can decide how to deal with them, the seasoned warriors spot them, greet them warmly, and engage them in combat. A brutal series of magical and ranged attacks fall upon the Maladroits. Even though Knox is able to banish Bull to a Maze, the attacks leave the group heavily injured. Lucas and Knox are able to drag their teammates away, and make for the Tower to regroup. Casulaties:  Alera heavily injured and dazed, and Callon freshly spun from the mortal coil and in dire need of a raise.

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