Kingdom of Riparia

Riparia City

A cosmopolitan metropolis, Riparia City is home to a bustling populace and many sizeable guilds. A prismatic wall protects the city thanks to the Ivory Tower. The royal family is large and popular, though recent events have brought some aspects of their rule into question. It is also known through the continent as a place of learning and magical study.

Ivory Tower

As the most powerful and preeminent guild of mages and clerics in Riparia, the Ivory Tower takes no modest stance on their position in the city. The gleaming marble spire they call home can be seen from almost any point in the city, and attracts equal amounts of awe and fear from the mundane citizens outside its walls. Inside, magicked spiraling stairs conceal the true height of the tower to those who would ascend to meet its senior members: 
  • Master Morvant, a half-orc with a fondness for taxidermy and necromancy
  • Mistress Cordova, a cleric of Olidammara and the Tower's liason with the Congregate
  • Archmage Rufus Astor, a Loremaster and the leader of the Ivory Tower

Congregate District

A ring of temples joined together by pathways dedicated to Fharlaghn, the Congregate is the spiritual heart of Riparia and the temporal seat of religious power. 

The Haul

Many years ago, a group of adventurers grew tired of adventuring and decided to settle in Riparia as merchants. Calling themselves the Haul, they each brought a unique skillset and soon became the go-to store for the discriminating seeker of fame and fortune. 

The Green Olive

One of the finer inns in Riparia. Run by the centaur Horace and his wife. Also home to the Pimento, a classy restaurant.

Kokichi's Workshop

The ingenious and dangerous gnome inventor Kokichi explores the limits of magic and technology with his assistant, the half-dragon Guntz. Will do custom modifcations to items. Is currently trying to perfect a steam and magic driven suit of full-body armor. 

Dutchy of Briars

Town of Bywood

Town of Cottonberry

Halfling Wanderlands

Grasslands west of Riparia where the halfling tribes historically wander. Emptied out a bit as the halflings have come to the aid of Riparia against the goblin horde.

Silverleaf Forest

Home to the more "traditional" forest-dwelling elves. Suffered localized devastation from the destruction of one of the draconic superweapons. Trees in a three mile radius from the explosion were melted by acid.

City of Sluicegate

Popular retirement location of Riparian war veterans. Sits next to a path through the Seaspine mountains. Recently fended off an advanced guard of the Horde and provided the Maladroits the opportunity to defeat their leader. Also possessed scrolls stolen by Oragor Dreadthorne with speculation about the location of the Shards.

Kingdom of Morend

Between the Seaspine Mountains and the Kingdom of Tortuftus lies the Kingdom of Morend. High mountains form the country's borders, and steep foothills stretch their peat-reach fens inland towards the marshes of the flatlands. Originally a loose network of villages, the kingdom came together when the capital city was founded at the mouth of the Emond River. The city quickly flourished thanks to the rich farmland in the delta and nearby ore deposits. Originally called Moor's End for the location of the city on the river delta, the name was shortened over time to Morend. The kingdom has one of the finest armies on the continent, though it lacks in comparison to other nations in magical power.

Morend City

Also known as the Capital, Morend-Upon-Emond, or simply Morend to visitors, the capital city of Morend is the heart of the kingdom, and its founding marks the beginning of the Morendi identity. It is a quaint place of stone streets, wide wooden houses open to the sea breeze, and a web of bridges arching between the city's various districts and the surrounding delta. Thanks to the density of the underlying land, the royal palace rises high above the city where the King and Queen perform their allocated duties. With so many mines beneath the city, there are numerous parks located sporadically throughout the town to prevent heavier construction from collapsing the old tunnels. This, combined with it being a port of call for many merchants, has lead to numerous "pier districts" jutting out from the city. 


The southernmost city in Morend, built high in the mountains. Years ago, many visiting scholars and mages found the relative isolation of the city invigorating and settled among the cliffs. This, combined with the regular use of arcane magic to get to, from, and around the city led to it becoming a bastion of pure magical study. Even so, the various colleges and sanctums still pale next to Riparia's investment in the magical arts. While one could argue that every nation should always devote some of its populace to the study of arcane magic, its worth as an institution was in fact established by the efforts of Transmuters and Conjurers who took the abundance of lower-lying Morendi peat and distilled a one-of-a-kind whiskey from it. Its recipe (both magical and mundane) is a closely guarded secret, but sales of the spirit help provide for the reagents and equipment that the researches regularly need. 

Wyrmaw Mountains

The curving range of mountains that partially separates Morend from Tortuftus and the southern part of the continent. They run close to the Seaspine Mountains in the west and fall away into islands off the coast of Morend in the east. The wet winds from the ocean to the north break upon the mountains and feed the great rivers that flow through Morend and its many swamps.

There are many dwarven warrens in the Wyrmaw Mountains who do regular trade with both Morend and Tortuftus. Attempts to monopolize on the favor of the dwarven smiths from both nations has often been a point of tension between the two. 

Emond River

The primary and largest river in Morend. It runs from the Wyrmaw Mountains in the south to the sea in the north, where it fans out in a great delta. Most of the farms and towns in Morend lie along it or one of its tributaries. 

Dragon's Tooth

The large rocky island that the capital city of Morend sits upon in the mouth of the Emond River delta. It is rich with ore deposits. Some scholars have said it does not fit with the rest of the terrain, a claim given more weight by the discovery some years ago of ancient ruins in the island deep below the capital city.

Land of the Crane

The vast swamps of Morend are one of its defining features, and also why the Crane Victorious is the nation's heraldry. They hold farms, military outposts, and roving bands of goblins and orcs. Usually the remnants of attempted horde invasions of Morend, a Morendi solider's first deployment is often as part of a scouting party sent to hunt down these wayward dangers. The sharp hills leading to the snow-covered peaks are poor in tree cover, but rich in peat. The highland villages that dot these ranges harvest the peat for many uses. Foreigners are most grateful when it is delivered to distelleries, as Morendi whiskey is a prized drink wherever it can be found. The mountain city of Eyrie is particularly well-known for it's competing high-altitutde stylings.

Magic in the Blood

Morend is not generally known for its wizards or sorcerers (clerics, however, are another matter). This is not as much a prejudice of the Morendi against spellcasters as it is a preference to subtler displays of the arcane. Morendi highly value magical weapons, armor, and items, believing there is no reason something as useful as magic can not also be firmly grasped in any hand. 
There are also many families in Morend who are "Feytouched" and have what is called a Panache. It is a supernatural quirk or ability that is passed down from parent to child. The trait is usually a slight alteration of one's appearance and an extraordinary talent of some sort. It is long-lived and doesn't seem to fade from generation to generation. Though well-documented, scholars have yet to adequately explain its origin. Some Feytouched family lines include:
  • Foxmane Vibrant red hair with white at the tip and scalp. When cut, the white will slowly appear at the ends of the remaining attached hair. The longer the hair, the longer the streaks of white. To date, no special talent has been observed, though heads of the family have won renown for their martial prowess and leadership.
  • Brineheart Upswept "elven" ears, sea-colored eyes, and a slight taste of salt to the blood. Pale for Morendi, and resistant to tanning. Particular affinity for the sea and talent for sailing and navigation.
  • Mistwalker Dark eyes with irises that reflect no light. Unusually nimble and silent with movements.
The naming conventions of Morendi families are more simplistic than most other nations. The Feytouched bloodlines, in particular, are usually just a description of the expressed Panache made into a single word. This is due in part to the cultural value on practicality and to the newness of the Feytouched compared to the existence of the kingdom as a whole. The residents of the former Kingdom of Moor's End take great pride in carving an identity out of the disparate tribes living in an unfriendly terrain. Attempts to mix Feytouched bloodlines have had mixed results, with one Panache or the other taking dominance in the child. No Panache has been observed to commingle with another. Yet.

Kingdom of Tortuftus

A temperate land know for its forests and gentle, rolling pasture lands. The Kingdom is ruled by the Lord and Lady Waters who are know to be just and fair rulers. Tortuftas and Morend were embroiled in a war until just a few years ago and much of the kingdom was damaged in some way, shape or form. The people are know to be of hardy stock and always willing to lend a hand to a neighbor, friend or even a stranger. Though magic isn't a daily part of life, wizards and sorcerers are seen on occasion within the kingdom.

Kingdom of Ifnutia

Land of the gnomes. Far to the southwest of Riparia. Friendly with other nations, but distance removes it from frequent contact. The kingdom is a fabulously wealthy one due to the ingenuity of the gnomes and their love of gems and shiny things. Really good bagels.

Other Regions and Features

Seaspine Mountains

Mountain range that forms the southern border of Riparia. Stretches from the Silverleaf Forest in the west out into sea toward the Corralhammer Atoll.

Western Desert

Vast wasteland west of the Halfling Wanderlands. Town of Sagebrush sits at its eastern border. Phoenixes claim large stretches of territory. Unknown to the surface world, the Akari kingdom lies beneath the sands within the fossilized remains of an ancient behemoth.

Northern Swamps

Lies between the Northern Jungle and the more modest northern forests that border the Riparian farmlands. Many monsters can be found here, including Will-o-the-Wisps

Northern Jungle

Home to the honorable Sky People - the orc descendants of the ancient Guren who uplifted the peoples of the Continent (save for the Akari) in times long past.

Corralhammer Atoll

Located far out to sea, it is the home of the Corralhammers, a guild of seafaring dwarves. Very private and like to conduct their business without the interference - or curiosity - of outsiders.

The Stormwall

Barrier of fierce storms that encircles the Continent. Only the Corralhammers have the sailing expertise to pass safely through it (and even they still lose ships). Storms are several miles thick and rise to the outer limits of the atmosphere. They are of unknown origin, but are known to be powered by magic. Despite the dangers, the Ivory Tower has established a satellite guild on another continent, the Ivory Academy. Every continent on the planet is surrounded by a Stormwall.