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Session 108 - Like Father, Like Daughter (No More)

posted Dec 26, 2013, 2:44 PM by Andy Burras   [ updated Jan 3, 2014, 11:14 AM by Will McCain ]
The Maladroits tied up he strange, little halfling sorcerer and prepared to question him. They asked him the standard questions they posed to every denizen in the prison, but he refused to answer them. It was only when the subject of Lollipop came up that he did anything, going as far as lashing out physically. Through some prodding, the party discovered that Lollipop was his daughter. When he attempted to cast a spell, Lucas quickly knocked him out again. While he was unconscious, ever-lucky Boken was able to snatch some books out of the man's home (which occupied the enchanted vase). Taking many hours to poor though the tomes, the Maladroits were able to piece together a vague history of the mage himself. They figured out that this man (who was currently a halfling because that's what he had made himself be) once had a career of destroying and obliterating people and places. His horrible acts spanned cosmologies and he was of such power that he could erase the history of things from existence, which had had been more than happy to do with events in both his and Lollipop's lives. Lollipop, wanting to be like her dad, decided to follow in his footsteps. She began a career of destruction herself, and found more power for herself by becoming a vampire. They also learned that he had placed magic upon himself and Lollipop that if one died, the other would automatically be able to raise them back to life. After deciding they had learned all they could, the party sealed the mage back in his urn.

With nowhere else left, the Maladroits pay another visit to Lollipop. Lucas stood at the threshold to her room and called out to her from behind the door. Their exchange was brief, but it taught the rogue that Lollipop was holding onto something in her pocket that she very much wanted to protect. He knew her better now, and when he chanced a glance at her island, he saw not just a fierce vampire but also a child who had suffered the whims of a maniacal parent yet had tried to make of it what she could. Armed with the truth, he questioned her about her past. With her memories fragmented and conflicting from her father's magical negation, she began to lash out as she tried to put her past together in her mind. Knowing that her father's magic would bring her back even if killed, the Maladroits fought back in an effort to help her work through her crisis of identity.

Once defeated, she dispersed into a black cloud. It coalesced on her platform, where she was reformed in a noticeably calmer state. Lucas swam over and comforted her. Though drenched in holy water, she tearfully embraced him. He cautiously held her, saying that everything would be alright and that it wasn't up to her father to decide who she was. Pulling away, she drew an amulet from her pocket that her father had given her to hold onto: Magus's Phylactery! In a brilliant bit of insight, Alera was able to figure out that as a demigod, Magus knew all of the jail's inhabitants. He had disguised himself as Lollipop's father and told her to keep it for him. Lollipop, now understanding the deception and deciding that she didn't need her father to define her, gave the amulet to Lucas.

To show how an evil thing could be made into something good, Lucas gave her his trusty dragon sword. In return, she gave him a long hair ribbon. The rest of the party proceeded to give small tokens as signs of their friendship and to encourage her on her new path. Finally, with phylactery in hand, the Maladroits get ready to depart.