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SESSION 100 - Boken's Song

posted Oct 25, 2013, 11:49 AM by Will McCain   [ updated Oct 25, 2013, 11:54 AM ]
unintentionally to the tune of "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name"

One hundred times our Maladroits have answered danger's call,
And every time, through strife and pain, have won the day for all,
The foes behind them pale before the power they confront,
But harken to my song, for we may yet pull off this stunt!

How struck with awe they were to see the temple for the dead,
And yet how bold they were to push unyieldingly ahead,
They skulked like foxes past the vigil of the sleepless horde,
And pressed past every sentry left between the undead lord.

A trio of companions once had called this lord their friend,
His evil aspirations brought them all to ghastly ends,
Instead of death, the last companion stayed the lich's ward,
Until he was replaced by this unwitting, wayward bard.

From astral vagabond by magic now turned walking corpse,
And forced to fight intruders who could be my own recourse,
It seemed my doom was sealed, no other hope could I pretend
Until the just as hopeless four strode forth to bring amends!

I led the minions in my charge to meet them on their way,
But had the monsters work against themselves within the fray,
The heroes quickly won against the forces that they faced,
And in so doing broke the curse that bound me to this place!

Such noble souls as they were moved with sorrow at my plight,
And took me in their company to set these evils right,
One final guard remained before we faced the final test,
A golem made of magic eyes would fall before our rest.

What wonderful display of lethal arts before me played,
The cunning sting of Lucas and the arc of Callon's blade,
The spells from Knox and fair Alera kept our foe distraught,
And with one final scorching stab our victory was bought.

With precious little time before our chances disappear,
We hide away to plan and rest while budding doom draws near,
The demigod of death may see his godhood drawing nigh,
But Boken and the Hopeless Maladroits will soon say Hi!