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Session 101 - Ain't that a lich

posted Oct 30, 2013, 5:57 PM by Andy Burras   [ updated Nov 15, 2013, 2:30 PM ]
The Maladroits rest up and prepare to face the demigod lich Magus.  During this prep time, Alera decides to make a contract with a servant of her god to provide assistance.  She makes contact with an astral deva; Deva Dukakis!  Deva Dukakis agrees to "Knock this lich's dick off" if the Maladroits agree to one thing - If they fail, they must continue to fight Magus's spirit for all eternity.  The party quickly agrees to the terms.

While Magus is performing the ritual to attain godhood, Boken uses the tunnels to help the party get into position.  While invisible, Lucas starts activating the Anullis., while the rest of the party confronts the lich.  Though Deva Dukakis falls, the Maladroits survive long enough, for the Anullis to eradicate Magus.  This, of course, causes the ziggurat to began collapsing.  With Knox paralyzed, there is no way for our heroes to escape! But suddenly, a part of the sky clears and a gargantuan blue dragon descends and tells them to hop on.

Once safely away, the dragon identifies himself as Dram.  He was watching the Maladroits during their fight with Magus, and has another job for them.  Go into a dwarf gaurded mountain, which is also used as a jail for the gods, and bring back Magus's phylactery...before he reforms, so that Dram can destroy it.  In return, Dram won't eat them.  The heroes have little choice but to do the blue dragon's bidding, and so, head off towards their goal.