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Session 102 - Handling Giant Purple Worms

posted Nov 17, 2013, 8:50 AM by Will McCain   [ updated Nov 17, 2013, 8:53 AM ]
The party began their march towards the mountains that held the prison of the gods and, with luck, both Magus' phylactery and another Shard. On the way, they observed the surrounding flora and fauna. They both bore the scars of Magus' undead influence, especially animals that had been born undead.

Our heroes eventually made it to the foothills and retreated once more into Knox's magical mansion. There they feasted in celebration of their victory over a lich demigod. They laughed, sang, told stories, and thought upon just how far they were from home.

The next day they began their ascent. Before long, the ground beneath them began to tremble and they were set upon by a gargantuan purple worm. It fell without too much difficulty when two more worms erupted from the ground. Lucas and Alera engaged the northern worm with backup from Knox. Callon took the one to the south. Boken sang his songs of support and split his arrows between the two beasts. Alera was almost worn out while pressed against the giant worm, but both monsters were soon defeated. There was damage, though, as Lucas had suffered some of the worm's poison. Potions supplied by Callon and Knox helped him recover some of the strength that had been sapped until he was well enough for the Maladroits to continue into the mountains.