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Session 103 - Inglorious Hole

posted Nov 24, 2013, 11:06 AM by Andy Burras
The Maladroits and Boken enter the mountain, and spend the better part of a day making their way through it.  They eventually come upon a disturbing site; a dwarven settlement completely ruined, despite the fact that the dwarves had clearly set up barricades for something.  From the looks of it, the bodies had been dead for weeks, yet were not showing signs of decay.  Lucas noticed something weird as well.  The weapons had a strange necromantic aura around them, which caused a shadowy after image when any of the weapons were swung.  Not wanting to stay, the party continued exploring.

They discovered a hole in the middle of the settlement that looked as if it led to lower levels.  The Maladroits decided to explore this.  They entered an unusual marble room which had several doors down some hallways.  

The first door contained nothing but a quizical looking statue that had a pouch around it's waist.  Knox went to take a closer look, but was violently repelled by force field (which nearly killed him).  The Maladroits proceeded to experiment with it, but couldn't find a way around the defense

The next room they entered contained a current of water swirling around a middle island, rought 10 ft x 10 ft.  On the island was little girl.  While looking around, and questioning her, they found out that her name was Lollipop, but she wouldn't really tell them anything else.  When Lucas quipped back with a sarcastic remark, she got mad and dominated him.  Lucas, with ruthless efficiency, laid on onslaught on Callon and Alera, almost killing the both of them immediately.  Once he was broken out of his mind control, the party fled and shut the door behind them.

Lucas looked into the third door.  It contained a statue of a man wielding a rapier like a great sword.  Like the pouch in the other room, the rapier wasn't part of the statue.  Below the pedestal of the statue were a series of runes.  Lastly a sun naga was in the room.  The party learned that naga was only in there as a guardian, and, for now, wouldn't attack him.  He told the party that he was here to protect the sword from being rescued.  The wording confused the Maladroits, and the left to think about what the naga had said.

The last room contained nothing but some empty coffins, and a cyclopean abyss going hundreds of feet down into nothing but darkness.

The maladroits return to the first chamber, where they entered from above, to discuss what they should do.