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Session 104 - Tales from the Crypt

posted Dec 8, 2013, 12:11 PM by Will McCain
Not wanting to waste precious time, the Maladroits decided to explore the prison a bit further before resting in Knox's Magnificent Mansion. Lucas was able to find some hidden doors at the end of the eastern hallway, which led to further cells. Within one, they found an angel with blackened feathers chained to the far end of the room. Between was a expanse of lava. The angel showed no signs of life, other than continually healing the fires that burned at the edge of its wings. It made no response to the party's calls.

Continuing on, they found another hidden cell. Two angel statues with raised swords stood at either side of the wall. At the end of the room was a plain wooden table holding an unadorned vase. When Lucas tried to sneak past, one of the statues dropped its stone in front of Lucas' face. Realizing there was no other way around, the party prepared to fight the statues. Though tired and hard-pressed, the heroes managed to defeat the statues, turning them to rubble. When Knox examined the vase, it was surrounded with immense magic from every school. Realizing that whatever was within was placed by the gods to keep it from getting out, the Maladroits decided that it might be best alone for now. 

Hungry for answers, the group decided on one final task before their much-needed rest. They returned to Lollipop's prison, smoked goggles ready. Firmly rooting themselves near the doorway, they asked Lollipop to talk with them about herself and what she remembered. The young vampire's memory failed her on many accounts, but she did spend a long time recounting the names of all the things she had killed (which included the names of some ancient kingdoms). Regarding her being imprisoned, she only recalled killing a woman that looked, as she claimed, almost exactly like Alera. The group began to exchange stories with her, at which point she told them of an ancient weapon named "Halfling". It was one of many such weapons devoted to each of the major races. Halfling was a pick that, when struck against rock, would create a true halfling to come and help you with your work. Lollipop had no other memories of the weapon, leaving the Maladroits wondering if it was a Shard or something else they hadn't heard of.

With that, the Maladroits decided it was time to rest, lest they collapse on the prison floor.