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Session 105 - Naga Please

posted Dec 8, 2013, 12:42 PM by Will McCain   [ updated Dec 18, 2013, 10:17 AM ]
Fully rested and magically restored, the Maladroits went back to try and find more answers about the prison and the location of the phylactery. The returned to the first room they had visited, which contained the rogue statue being guarded by the field of force. Knox decided to see if Dimension Door might help them, and was able to successfully teleport the group to the other side of the force barrier. It then fell to Lucas to retrieve the pouch from the statue. After several attempts, he successfully nabbed it through a combination of sneak attack and sleight of hand. 

At that moment, the statue came to life and grabbed Lucas, demanding to know how he was able to steal the pouch from him. The man introduced himself as Olidammara, God of Rogues. He said that he had watched over the prison for a time, but was eventually put there for reasons he didn't want to share. He bargained with the Maladroits to get his pouch back, offering to tell them the question they should ask and the answer for that question on any topic they wished. They naturally chose the prison, and he told them that every denizen of the cells in the prison was part of a story that they would need to learn before they could clear the prison. Callon also asked the God of Rogues for a blessing upon the Rogue's Dagger given to him by Mistress Cordova. While initially scoffing at the idea of doing something for free, Olidammara relented when he remembered the fetching Mistress Cordova. While Callon held the pouch for him, he blessed the dagger, making the ordinary weapon an impressive +5 Anarchic Holy Dagger of Hindsight. When asked, he also told the party that the pouch contained one of the original three moons that surrounded their home world. Callon had found lore of the three moons, which were once called the Three Sisters. He knew from his vision that one had been destroyed, which explained how there was only one moon around the world in the present day.

Motivated (and frustrated) by Olidammara's suggestion, they moved on to clearing the rest of the rooms. The next stop was the room with the statue holding the rapier and the sun naga guardian. The naga was unyielding as always, and the Maladroits reluctantly pressed an attack on it. They tried to get it to surrender before they killed it, but Callon landed a unintentionally powerful nonlethal attack. The shock of accidentally killing it quickly subsided when the sun naga arose as a neothilid. The party no longer had any reserve about fighting the monster, which quickly fell.

They avoided the explosive runes on the ground surrounding the statue and retrieved the rapier, which turned out to be related to Halfling. This sword, however, was for elves, and called itself Elf Protector. It claimed to be a "child" of the true weapon for elves, which was the true sibling of Halfling. It tried to attack the non-elves in the party, proclaiming elves to be the superior race and the only one worth living. It was happy to be placed in Knox's hand, and the wizard was able to keep it from attacking long enough for the party to chop off the arms of the statue so they could suppress the sword and place it in the bag of holding.