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Session 106 - Cruel Angel's Thesis

posted Dec 18, 2013, 10:04 AM by Will McCain   [ updated Jan 23, 2014, 12:01 PM ]
Having decided that each room in the divinely ordained prison had a secret to tell them, the Maladroits made their way back to the room which held the black-feathered angel in shackles. They tried calling out once again to the angel across the expanse of lava, but to no avail. Knox tried to see if he could fly over the lava, but the spell gave out as soon as he was over the burning pool and he fell in. The rest of the party was quick to pull him out, burned but still alive. Thanks to his painful efforts, they now saw the obstacle to crossing was an Anti-Magic Field. 

After some discussion on the nature of the field, they decided the best way to get across would be to magically sling Lucas to the other side with an immovable rod and some rope that was attached to the other immovable rod on the other side of the lava. Then, the rest of the group could shimmy across. As soon as the rogue landed, however, the angel opened her eyes and summoned a devil to deal with him.

The party was surprised, and hastened to get across to aid Lucas when they saw the angel withdraw her hands from her shackles and produce a magical bow. They tried to convince her to stand down, but she replied with accusations of them being assassins and that they should tell their masters that she would not be judged for what she did. She let loose a volley of arrows, some of which were enough to slay Alera. When Lucas was unable to use his scroll to Breathe Life back into the cleric, the warriors saw that there was no option but to defeat the angel and her minion. 

It was a hard-fought battle, but they were able to defeat the summoned demon and knock out the angel, as they still had questions for her. After they had bound her, Lucas retrieved the Resurrection Kit from the Party Kitty and used it on Alera. Immediately upon being revived, Alera told the party that they had to leave the room. No questions. No stalling. Remembering how the recently dead can bring back important information, the party obliged. Having found that Dimension Door worked just fine, Boken took them all back across the lava after unbinding the angel. Once outside the room, Alera told what she knew.

While dead, Alera had found herself in the shackles that had seemingly bound the angel, watching her teammates fight. The angel, whom the Maladroits thought unconscious, was sitting up and idly watching events unfold. Alera called out to her, and the angel began to explain that she was (like Beletsirana) another unique being in the multicosm. She had been born in a moment of convergence between the heavenly, abyssal, and infernal realms. As such, she was at the same time angel, fiend, and devil but beholden to none of them. She knew her purpose was to defeat the gods and return their divine energies to the various planes and empower their denizens. A born general, she soon amassed a following of powerful outsiders and began her assault on the gods. She was successful in killing many gods, but was eventually defeated by the tactics of Heironeous and Sarenrae. She acknowledged her defeat and resigned herself to the prison fashioned for her by the gods, even though there was no force in place holding her within. She waited, instead, for agents sent by the gods to come and kill her. Unlike other outsiders, her essence would not return to the places which formed her upon her death. Rather, her soul would draw her power back to itself and she would be revived outside of the prison, ready to renew her war on the gods. 

The group was grateful they had adopted a nonlethal stance for dealing with her and, having learned all they safely could about her, continued on to the remained cells.