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Session 110 - The Best of Intentions

posted Jan 23, 2014, 8:54 AM by Will McCain   [ updated Jan 23, 2014, 8:56 AM ]
An embarrassment of riches! 

While Dram was unconscious and showed no signs of stirring, the Maladroits did an inventory of his horde. The greater portion of coins, they discovered, were actually copper coins with a layer gold electroplated on. Fitting for a blue dragon with electric breath. Even so, the sheer amount of coins would award them several hundred thousand gold pieces worth of wealth. At the same time that Callon and Lucas were moving and examining the coins and other jewels, Knox and Alera inspected the magical items that Dram had collected. There were numerous items of exceptional worth and usefulness, including several magical tomes that each improved a different attribute. Not only that, but they were the most powerful versions of such tomes. 

For Callon, there was an improved Belt of Physical Perfection, a +3 Adamantine Mace of Smiting, Plate Armor of the Deep, and Winged Boots. For Lucas, there were Goggles of Minute Seeing, a Luck Blade with one Wish remaining, Pipes of Sounding, his previous Sword of Subtlety, and many wands. For Alera, there was a Circlet of Persuasion, Celestial Armor, Dull Gray Ioun Stone Earrings (so fashion-forward), two different types of Incense of Mediation, a very useful Phylactery of Faithfulness, and a Ring of Chameleon Power. For Knox, there were Bracers of Armor +5, an Empowering Metamagic Rod, a Staff of Fire, a Staff of Power, a Ring of X-Ray Vision, Robes of the Archmagi, and, perhaps most tantalizing of all, Dram's Spellbook. In addition to all of these incredible items, there were others equally as impressive that were to be used by the party as a whole when needed or sold. So, not a bad profit. 

With their accounting done, the group loaded the horde into Dram's trunk and waited for Alera to prepare some spells of Plane Shift so that they could transport their stolen wealth to the Dibs. Once that was done, Callon drew Desangriev and approached Dram's savaged but still barely living body. He made ready to finish the dragon off, and asked the group if there were any objections.

There were plenty.

What followed was a heated and lengthy debate about whether Dram deserved to die and whether the Maladroits were even justified in acting as his judge, jury, and executioner. Alera, following the inspiration of Sarenrae, maintained that Dram could be redeemed. She drew her shield and slowly interposed herself between Callon and Dram, scratching her shield on Desangriev's edge as she pushed it away. Callon, shocked by the cleric's willingness to stand up for Dram, asked whether she truly thought he could be redeemed. Though hopeful, she allowed that she wasn't certain but thought Dram deserved the chance. 

Lucas walked away at this point, finding it difficult to sort out the host of feelings and thoughts he was having. Knox watched on silently, willing to go along with whatever the group decided. Alera, though fierce in her stance, agreed that she would follow Callon's decision. After a tense, silent moment of thought, the leader of the Maladroits sheathed Desangriev and asked that some healing be done on Dram.

The great blue dragon groggily came to and found the Maladroits standing in a line before him. Before he could speak, Callon explained that despite his treachery, the Maladroits would not be his judge. So they gave him back his life with no stipulations. The world was now removed of Magus' evil, Callon pointed out, and was fresh with possibility that a dragon would be particularly suited to seizing. They would be leaving this world, he finished, and would not seek him out should they ever return. Callon hoped Dram would afford them the same.

After listening to the pronouncement, Dram smiled and told the party, "Well, aren't you clever. Well? What are you waiting for? Go." The Maladroits turned and began to walk away, disappearing altogether when Alera cast Plane Shift. Once back on the Dibs, Lucas noticed that Alera's hair was standing a bit on end, as if she had been the victim of mild static electricity. Callon, angry at the possibility that Dram would immediately try something against them after having been given a reprieve, asked if there was any magic on the cleric. Knox, however, could find nothing. With no clues to address the mystery, the party let it drop and retreated to various parts of the ship to think over recent events.

It was a quick reverie that was broken by a reminder of their home cosmology: the arrival of a Death Slaad.