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Session 112 - As the War Machine Keeps Turning

posted Feb 7, 2014, 1:43 PM by Andy Burras
The Maladroits try to stay busy for their week long journey back to Riparia.  They divvy up various books and tomes found in the hoard to read, and generally try to stay out of each others way.

Good spirits return to all as they return home.  Rufus is there to great them as they give a quick overview of their travels, and present the shard of transmutation to him.  Unseen at first, an anxious man who had been there the whole time, finally gets the party's attention.  He presents himself as a messenger for the Riparia army.  It seems that the invading goblin forces have been using a new weapon, and are quickly gaining ground using it.  The Maladroits are to be dispatched out to field ASAP to put a stop to this.

Arriving quickly on a flying carpet, the Maladroits meet the contingent of troops they were given command over; a platoon of infantry, pike men, cavalry, and two special unit.  The mage guard, a group of men who are good with both melee and arcane magic, who specialize in guarding and holding areas on the battlefield.  The special unit is an elite task force of people who specialize in killing goblins.  After a quick debriefing, the heroes learn that there is a large company of goblins that move with the weapon.  The weapon itself seems to be a mishmosh of lesser dragon super weapons weapons that had been cobbled together.  A strategy is quickly formed, and the maladroits split; Alera and Knox with the mage guard, Callon and Lucas with the special unit.  The other groups given their own orders on when to act.

Soon enough, the battle begins with the semi-super weapon launching a volley of magic into the air.  Knox is the only Maladroit effected by this.  The magic causes him to forget all the spells he had prepared!  Luckily, the mage guard he's with  provide him with various scrolls to use instead, though nothing as powerful as he had.  Because of this, Alera decides to fly on the machine herself, while Knox stays back with the mage guard to provide support where needed.  Callon and Lucas begin to engage the enemy while advancing with the special unit.

As she's flying, the machine activates again.  Alera finds herself surrounded by goblins as the entire battlefield is lifted into the air to meet her.  She escapes and presses on to the weapon to find it being controlled by enslaved kobolds, who don't know how to work it really.  She convinces them to stand down as she takes control of the machine.

Meanwhile, Callon, Lucas and Knox are fighting with the Riparian soldiers to hold off the encroaching goblin mass...