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Session 113 - Mesa de Batalla

posted Feb 23, 2014, 11:17 AM by Andy Burras
As Alera tries to figure out how the semi-super weapon functions, Callon, Lucas, and Knox continue issuing order to the Riparian soldiers.  At certain times, it looks grim, with the soldiers not always listening to what the adventurers say, but the army holds against the goblins.

Alera, in the meantime, figures out, for the most part, how to work the machine.  She causes so random effects to happen around the battlefield, such as making a bamboo forrest, creating a rain storm to flood the river, and switching Lucas's and Knox's positions.  As a good majority of the goblin forces were dealt with, she did one last effect which had the effect of raising the ground to meet the floating battleground.  The resulting shockwave of the new land feature killing off the last of the goblin masses.

The Maladroits return to Riparia to make their report of the battle, and to relax a bit before they set off on the next adventure.