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Session 114 - Gnomewear I'd Rather Be

posted Mar 13, 2014, 2:06 PM by Will McCain
Having sorted the spoils from Dram's hoard, the Maladroits were about to make their way to the Haul (hopefully out of lockdown since their return), when a letter arrived for them. It was a request from their friend and former Maladroit, FernDelia, to come by the Copper Dragon so they could discuss something. Intrigued, the heroes made their way to the comedy club. 

Once there, FernDelia took them to her office and explained that she needed their help with a sensitive matter of a gnomish nature. She told them of the Bleaching, one of the greatest secrets that gnomes have. When a gnome loses adventure, thrill, and wonder in their lives, all their personal coloration begins to fade and the gnome becomes a worn-out, weary shell of the person they once were. Although the Maladroits found it helpful in explaining FernDelia's penchant for craziness, it was also something of a personal mission for the conjurer. Since her retirement from the Maladroits, she had been focusing her efforts and her wealth on refining a line of clothing designed to help other gnomes stave off the Bleaching. There had been some holdups, however, in shipments of this "Gnomewear" from Ifnutia, and she couldn't get an answer as to why. She remembered all that she was able to do as part of the Maladroits, so she hoped that with them helping her, they could find out what had gone wrong.

The party agreed to help their friend, and the five traveled a short distance outside Riparia so that FernDelia could successfully teleport them to Ifnutia. Once there, they took some time to get their bearings. There were several options for them to pursue, but they decided first to peruse the market and see if there was anything to be found out about Gnomewear among the merchants. They all meandered through the stalls, each finding a trinket or curiosity that they bought as a memento of the gnomish capital. 

Without warning, they were each set upon by gnomes wielding specialized and impressive weapons. The Maladroits were sorely put upon, but after a quick regrouping were able to defeat all but one of the warriors. They cornered the survivor, telling her to stand down now that her fellows had been slain. In reply, she commended their efforts and offered that she and her compatriots would allow them to live. While the Maladroits began to wonder if she was sane, she dispelled the illusion upon herself and the others in her group. The other warriors, left for dead, arose unharmed from the ground. 

Confused but impressed, the Maladroits stood down and asked her why she attacked. She explained that they were the Wonder Guard, and were tasked with protecting the secret of Bleaching from making its way to outsiders. She advised the Maladroits to forget whatever they came for and return home. Callon, in turn, pointed out that there had come to hep FernDelia on a mission crucial to gnomish interests, and that they posed little more harm since they had already been told of the Bleaching. The gnome relented, in part because of being in the presence of FernDelia, who was, as the group recalled, Ifnutian nobility. 

The Wonder Guard advised the Maladroits to seek out the central advisers if they wanted answered. The Maladroits thanked them and made their way to see them.