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Session 115 - Those Frumious Jaws

posted Mar 16, 2014, 10:58 AM by Andy Burras
The Maladroits directed their travels to where the Wonder Guard had directed them.  While approaching one section of the city, they notice a difference in the overall color of all the buildings.  They were all faded colors, most of them almost completely white, as though they had been bleached.  Moving with a bit more caution, the adventurers happen to glance a creature stalking the streets.

Using their collective knowledge, they determine that it's a bandersnatch.  They quickly prepare to engage the beast, but the fight is harder than they expected; this particular bandersnatch had an anti-magic field surrounding it.  With a good chunk of their usual tactics not being viable, the Maladroits had to quickly adapt to new tactics.  Through some ingenious quick thinking and some luck, they were able to finally fell the horrible beast.

The party eventually find their way to the advisers' guild hall.  Lucas snuck around while the rest of the group meet with one of the advisers.  While snooping around, Lucas ended up on the roof, and interacted with a weird clockwork gnome (which appeared to be an alarm system of some sort).  Getting past it, he finds his way into a weird laboratory of sorts.  In it he finds seeds labeled with the names from some important gnomish families.  There's also a strange conspiracy theory board in here that shows all sorts of connections between different gnomes and groups in power.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group is led into a meeting hall while they talk with one of the adviser representatives.  After a while, though, he excuses himself, and quickly leaves.  Outside the hall, they meet up with Lucas who tells them what he saw.