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Session 119 - The Angles of Our Better Nature

posted Oct 22, 2016, 8:46 PM by Will McCain
The doors have opened, and each team has taken to their course. First, let's check in with the group lead by ever-clever Knox.

As the wizard led Elistra, Qip, and McGraenge into the mysterious dungeon, they found themselves in a simple room. At its center were four standing mirrors, each as tall as a person and inset with four gems. Specifically, three sapphires and a topaz. Finding the door south locked, they examined the mirrors more closely for clues. Elistra was able to make out the finest of runes around the gems that read "three truths and a lie." 

During this examination, each of the team noticed something peculiar. While they appeared as they would expect in the mirror, it was not so for anyone else. For each of them, if another member stood so that their reflection showed, they appeared strikingly different. Knox was a ghostly, nearly transparent figure, Elistra was a little girl drowning in  her usual attire, Qip was a terrible and feral beast, and McGraenge was withered almost to the point of a corpse. 

After various attempts to get a reaction from the gems, they began speaking aloud to the mirrors. For different statements, there would be glimmers in the gems that soon faded. Finally, Qip said simply, "I love my sister dearly," and one of the sapphires lit up brightly and remained. Now they understood. They had to profess truths about themselves that defined them. Each taking a mirror, they pondered over themselves and tried to come to grip with what each image had shown them about themselves. It wasn't difficult, as they were able to see their altered forms if they all stood the same way around the mirrors. It still took some time, as the gems didn't like statements that centered their identities around others or that were not definite, but as each of them added a shining blue gem, the false image faded a bit. Finally, with the blue gems lit, they spoke the visage they had each seen, naming it a lie. The topaz lit up, and the test was passed.

Or so it seemed. A rush of air and magic heralded the entrance of a windigo at the corner of the room. Taking their battle stances, they readied themselves to prove their worth one more time in order to proceed.