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Session 120 - True Grit

posted Feb 10, 2017, 7:21 PM by Will McCain
The team prepared themselves for battle, right as the Windigo screamed.

All of the team, save for MacGraenge, were wracked with terror and unable to act. The gunslinger, used to carrying his own, pumped lead into the beast. The rest of the party began to come around, but the Windigo changed tactics and grabbed MacGraenge. It soared through the invisible sealing and hung in the air between the rooms the parties were fighting through. There it began to lay its curse upon MacGraenge to slowly turn him into one of it.

The rest of the group looked on helplessly, since their attacks and magics couldn't penetrate the barrier although the Windigo was free to do so. Fortunately, it returned to the ground with MacGraenge and they were able to pool their assault and finish it off. Kip, seeing what was done to his partner, removed the curse on the gunslinger and healed him from his wounds.