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Session 121 & 122 - Oozey Does It

posted Feb 10, 2017, 8:03 PM by Will McCain
Alera's team of all-girl badasses entered their own room. In dimensions, it was exactly the same as Knox's group. However, laid out before them was an empty space three tiles wide by three tiles deep surrounded by a number figurines. There were all one of nine types, one for each found Shard plus an axe and a shovel. 

After some thought and moving them around, they realized that they had to place all of the figurines in the empty space so that none repeated.

Magic Sudoku.

After a great deal of thought, trial and error, they managed to get all the pieces in their proper place. The pieces disappeared and a Plasma Ooze, the heart of a dead star, began to appear in the room. Amii groaned as her knowledge of the beast returned to her. Immune to acid, fire, electricity, piercing, and bludgeoning damage, only Alera and Amii had any chance of damaging it. Pebble and Triss ran interference as best they could. Pebble helped pull out any unfortunate member who were pulled into the ooze's superheated core, as she had no metal armor or weapons it could attract with its magnetic pulse. 

After a drawn-out fight, Amii's cold evocations and Alera's divine strikes managed to defeat the magical monstrosity. A bit of healing from Alera, and the group was on to the next challenge.

Girl powah!