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Session 123 & 124 - Liars, Triggers, and Bears, oh my!

posted Feb 10, 2017, 8:45 PM by Will McCain   [ updated Feb 12, 2017, 1:04 PM by Paul H ]
Callon's team strode confidently towards their first trial, with the surprisingly talented voice of Desangriev serenading Callon and Mistress Cordova with unsurprisingly bawdy songs. Sheathing his sword to shut it up, the group found before them four tiles much like the ones they stepped upon to gain entry.

Experimentally stepping on them, Callon found that the orange tile resonated with him as it had before. Beckoning the group forward, each found the tile that felt the most right for them. When all were standing, the floor near running the width of the room next to either door fell away into darkness. When shouts of alarm caused more tiles to fall, the group fell silent and waited for the trap to present itself. A wisp of light appeared and told them than any sound not said in answer to a question would cause more floor to fall away. It would ask each of them a question, and the rest of the group would respond with a tilting of their square on whether they trusted the answer. 

First, Callon was asked how to intended to make sure his companions survived the encounters ahead. He replied that he trusted his companions with his life, but was also willing to lay down his own for their sake. Sighing at his willingness for self-sacrifice, Cordova tilted forward, as did Boken. Wotch, however, looked aghast at the fighter and tilted backward. No questions could be asked, however, so Callon could only stare at the kobold in confusion.

Next, Mistress Cordova was asked to reveal how she truly felt about Callon. She replied that she enjoyed his company and looked forward to breaking him of his more rigid tendencies. Callon and Wotch titled forward, but Boken declined to answer at all at such a vague answer. No tiles fell, but the voice declared that Cordova had one more chance to convince her fellows. She angrily dismissed being forced to reveal more, saying that she wasn't beholden to bear her heart to an undead of all things. Boken sighed but accepted the answer, as did Wotch. Callon considered the elven woman he so fancied, and chose to lean back in disagreement. Nonetheless, the test passed on to the next member.

Wotch was asked "How do you hope this story will end?" He ...?

For his part, Boken was asked whether he wanted to return to being human. After some thought, the happy-go-lucky bard replied that he wasn't in any hurry since being a juju zombie wasn't too bad. Wotch and Cordova leaned forward, but Callon looked around the room for a moment, then leaned back with a smirk.

Boken didn't have long to be confused before the tiles vanished and two undead with hooks in their chests appeared. None among the group could identify them, so they readied themselves as best they could. Wotch began summoning, Boken passed out his bardic inspiration, Callon engaged his Ring of Blinking, and Cordova readied her spells. Once they appeared, one of the creatures attached Wotch, which disrupted his summoning. The other creature produced a chain and bound up Boken. Rushing to his aid, Callon assaulted the creature. Cordova cast a Holy Aura upon them all before she, too, was bound and pulled aside by the other undead. 

Finally, Wotch was able to summon his dire bears. Callon barely avoided being bound in chains himself by virtue of blinking free of them. He rained down blows upon the undead holding Boken. Once it fell, he turned to face the remaining monster that had been assaulted with Mistress Cordova's channeling of Positive Energy and the ire of many very large bears. It tried attacking Callon, but he blinked trough the strikes and landed killing blows of his own. The threat gone, he freed Cordova from the chains, who playfully chided him for taking his sweet time.

During both this fight and the one Alera's party faced, the howl of the Windigo echoed through the strange twisting space. The other two groups fared better than Knox's against its effects. More importantly, they learned that they weren't so alone and separate as they thought. Even if it was the horrific shriek of a monster, it was still proof that none of them would go down easy.