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Session 125 - Rogue : 1

posted Mar 29, 2017, 1:45 PM by Will McCain   [ updated Jul 7, 2017, 11:27 AM by Paul H ]
Lucas' team set foot into the room of their first challenge, and found themselves standing on a strip of floor between two pits of spikes. Lucas, ever careful, made sure to check for traps. He found one in the floor and disarmed it, then told the group to proceed. When they stepped forward, however, a different spring trap triggered. While most of them avoided it, Master Morvant was rocketed into the ceiling where he was punctured by invisible spikes. Coming back down, he returned to the group as they pondered Lucas' apparent oversight.

After investigating once more, Lucas saw that disarming the first trap had set the second one. While he tried to disarm the second one, Master Morvant pondered the spikes on the ceiling. If they were glamoured, then what of the spikes to their side? He tossed a rock over the side, and saw it pass through them and hit a stone floor. Alerting the rest, they decided it would be best to simply ignore the traps and climb down to wade through the illusory spikes. Once they had reached the other end of the room, the spikes disappeared, the lowered sections of floor raised, and numerous magical beasts began to appear before them.

One was an vilderaven, and the others, a pack of ankou. Just as they were beginning to lay into the vilderaven, magical darkness fell about the room. Master Morvant attempted to dispel it, but was rebuffed. Lucas stayed focused on the enemies, opting to take out the weaker enemies first by sounding out where they were between the members of the group. When he slew one of the ankou, the darkness suddenly vanished. They realized that the original ankou had created weaker doubles of itself, and used them to create the darkness. With the handicap removed, the remaining enemies were quick work. The next room beckoned.