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Session 126 - Death Defying

posted Mar 30, 2017, 12:40 PM by Will McCain
Emerging from the darkness of the previous room, Lucas led his posse through a number of less challenging trials. In one, they were confronted by a large beast that Master Morvant recognized. It offered no signs of aggression, but he was still careful in approaching it. When he had gotten close enough to pet its head, he used his magic to slay it in an instant. They had a mission, after all.

Eventually, the group reached another room similar to the one with the ankou. In the center there were four plates much like the ones they used when first entering the labyrinth. Lucas once more set himself to disarming any traps that might be present while bearing the trickiness of the previous room in mind. After doing so, all four adventurers took a place on one of the plates. The plates disappeared and they saw two terrible creatures begin to fade into the room: a Nightshade and a Lesser Death. 

Yanjing began to pour damage into the larger Nightshade (or was it the Lesser Death?), with assistance from Lucas. When Nico engaged the Lesser Death, however, it struck her so viscously that she fell to ground dying. The rest of the party was horrified by this (particularly because Nico was their source of healing, so what would there be for her if she fell?). Thinking quickly, Master Morvant cast Irresistible Dance on the Lesser Dance, since it would affect it for a few moments even if it resisted the spell. He then ran up to Nico, narrowly missing an attack by the Nightshade. Grabbing her, he used his Rod of Quickening to cast Dimension Door and remove the two of them to the far corner of the room and away from danger. 

Desperate to tend to their paladin friend, the other adventurers redoubled their efforts to dispatch the enemies while Master Morvant took Nico's Wand of Cure and managed to stabilize her condition. The foul creatures could not resist the combined attacks of Yanjing and Lucas. The rogue ran over to Nico once the room was safe once more and used his own want of curative magic to help along Nico's recovery. 

Afterwards, some rest in Morvant's Magnificent Mansion was warmly welcomed.