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Session 127 - Down with the Sickness

posted Mar 31, 2017, 12:39 PM by Will McCain   [ updated Jul 7, 2017, 11:29 AM by Paul H ]
After resting up, Lucas rallied his party and led them deeper into the depths of danger and illusion. 

At one point, a mysterious shapechanger blocked the party's path. He challenged them to a one-on-one duel in order to proceed, though he would take the form of whoever faced him. Nico strode forth without hesitation and quickly stripped out of her armor and clothing. Taking a simple dagger, she squared off against her confused double. The two Nicos began to trade blows of equal force, but Nico used her Lay on Hands to mend her wounds. Without the blessings of a paladin, the other Nico could only desperately struggle against her withering vitality. It was quickly defeated, and a nonplussed Nico donned her armor again and bid the rest of the party continue on. Such things had to be done sometimes, after all.

In another room, the party found two complicated metal structures affixed to either side of the wall with chains running along the ceiling. After checking that they held no traps, the group was unsure what to do with them. Finding what amounted to small bear traps in their folds, Yanjing tested one by allowing it to clamp down on his arm. Pulling on it revealed that it was attached to the mechanism that opened the door. Without hesitation, he let the other three pairs of metal teeth bite down on him. Then, he pulled them taught towards the door, opening it enough for the group to pass through. He then pried them off and ducked under the passage himself. Shrugging off his wounds, he pressed onward.

Finally, Lucas' band found themselves in a room covered in an ornate mural depicting, of all things, the time when the Guren uplifted the various races of the continent. There were pieces of real material worked into it in certain places. Found no mechanisms or traps, so they checked the door at the far end of the room. When they opened it, they were greeted with the sight of their own backs. The door, it seemed, was a portal linked to the entrance. Indeed, when one of them stepped through it, he appeared at the other side of the room. 

Not seeing this as helpful, they looked for other, hidden passages. Lucas found another door in the floor that led to its sibling at the ceiling. Once more, they acted as a pair of portals. The one of the ceiling, however, was surrounded by a curious part of the mural. A gnome was situated near it, and all around was the outer border of a thought bubble used in comics. It was as if the entire room existed in the imagination of the gnome, except for this door. The party felt there was meaning here, so they tried testing the portal. Nothing knew was found until Master Morvant decided to take some of the wood and flint from the mural and strike it alight. Holding it up to the doorway didn't do anything on it's own, but it did allow them to see the smoke from the flame passing away from the portal and towards the corner of the room. Inspecting there, they found a fifth portal. After passing through it, they felt the weight of familiar magic upon them, and a fell beast began to appear before them.

This time, they found a singular, enormous dragon. It was a taniniver, a strange, seldom seen type that Morvant had only read bits and pieces about. It was by nature diseased, and in constant search for a cure to its suffering. Lucas contracted mummy rot from merely attacking it, while the other fighters had to be careful of its pestilence. Their battle was a straightforward one of cuts and strikes. Nico, in particular, did much damage with her paladin ability to Smite Evil. For his part, Master Morvant was able to stun the beast for a few moments. It was enough time for the three fighters to finish it off without having to worry about suffering any other attacks or illnesses. Afterward, Nico tended to Lucas' condition, and they all breathed a now-healthy sigh at a battle won.