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Session 128 - Ice Ice Snakey

posted Jul 7, 2017, 11:41 AM by Paul H
Meanwhile, Alera's fellows found themselves confronted with a room filled with metallic spider webs. The heroes tried to advance, but it only drew the attention of clockwork spiders, the maw of each shedding sparks like drool. Amii was able to discern that the composition of the faux-silk strands was such that they must share a copper core. She asked her fellows to trust her judgment, and the group each advanced somewhat into the room. The spiders started to close in, and Amii used her magic to send an electric shock through the strands, harming the spiders. It was not enough to defeat them, but each spider reactively attacked the strands, sending a much greater current through the room which destroyed them all. Amii is no longer the frightened girl she had been.

A while later, the team arrived in a room featuring a pedestal. On that pedestal was a complex lure appearing to be a pentacle, each point of which indicated a certain symbol. The heroes triggered traps inherent to the engraving before they realized to rotate the pentacle in its tray. When they'd pointed it at the exit door and depressed it, the puzzle faded from view and monsters faded in: a frigid, long-taloned undead and a gargantuan triple serpent. This winterwight and xacarba were a true challenge, but eventually proved no match for the (admittedly Constitution-drained) team. More details forthcoming.