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Session 129 - Bargain Teams

posted Jul 23, 2017, 10:32 AM by Will McCain   [ updated Jul 23, 2017, 11:55 AM by Paul H ]
Alera's team felt they were closing in on their goal. After several rooms with minor challenges, they arrived in one with a strange puzzle. In the center was a large pot sitting over a fire and filled with some kind of soup. None of the girls wanted to try it. To their right on the western wall was a simple wooden chair with one leg broken. Opposite it on the eastern wall was a rose bush growing from the stone floor. 

Before they could figure out what to do, Triss wanted to make sure none of the items were trapped. When she approached the pot, she was hit with a Shout spell. Fortunately, it didn't do much to her, so she tried to find the trigger she had obviously stepped on. After a few minutes, she was confused to find that... there wasn't one? Clearly it was a trap, but the trigger condition apparently only being in the vicinity of the pot. Shrugging it off for now, she examined the rose bush and the chair, finding no traps on them (though the rose thorns were poisoned). Curiously, the Shout trap didn't trigger when she was by the other items, so the party reckoned that the pot must be just within the radius of the Shout's cone of effect. They thought long and hard at the northern part of the room. Nothing seemed to fit. A seat to the west. Thorns to the east. Shout to the south. Ah ha! The directions were anagrams (the title = "anagrams bite") for where each item needed to be. After rearranging the room, their foes began to fade in. Time to fight.

They had two opponents, a nemhain and a rune giant. While everyone did their usual preparations, Alera case Holy Word upon her friends, offering them further defense against the creature's abilities. Pebble delivered the first blows, followed quickly by Amii and Triss. After their assault, the giant was nearly done for, but the <undead> still had some tricks. It tried to use one of its abilities on Pebble, but Alera's Holy Word had strengthened her mind enough to resist the effect. With Amii's final barrage, both creatures were reduced to smoldering ash. After healing, fist bumps, and lots of licks from Lickity, the triumphant women proceeded to their final reward.