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Session 132 - The Prestige

posted Sep 9, 2017, 11:49 AM by Will McCain
Team Callon raced towards the end of the labyrinth, powering through two dreadful encounters.

In the first, they faced an empty room with their entranceway turned into an enormous mirror. Magic damaged them anytime they look anywhere but into the mirror, so they closed their eyes and walked toward the exit at the far side of the room with one another providing directions. Once accomplished, they faced off against two undead. One was a huge mass of muscle and the other was a semi-corporeal floating menace. Between magical, holy, and bladed might, both were brought low.

In the second room, they found a small indentation in the center of the room and a slowly lowering ceiling. While Mistress Cordova was convinced that they were in no real danger, the party went along with the threat and chose her to rest in the indentation in case it was real and there could only be one survivor. Before the falling stone crushes them, though, it disappeared and their real challenge appeared in the form of a merilith demon. The many-armed snake woman tried to whittle away at the group, but found them steadfast in their own prowess. When Callon put her in dire straights, she summoned another of her kind to aid her. With dreadful efficiency (and many summoned monsters to take hits for them), the party dispatched both creatures and finally earned an exit from the gauntlet.

It was happy tidings, indeed, when they walked through the exit and found the rest of their friends waiting for them. All had faced terrible trials, but not one of the Maladroits or their friends had fallen. They spared a moment before continuing on to claim the Shard to celebrate their success. Mistress Cordova leapt up to Callon and wrapped her arms around his neck to surprise him with a kiss. Leaning back, Callon watched her happy and loving smile slip away and the life fade from her eyes. He caught her as her arms, now devoid of life, now fell from around him. 

Looking up in horror, the assembled heroes saw Watch pulling a gem back from where Cordova's back had been. Smiling cruelly at Callon, his form shifted into that of Jonid. With a careless toss, the gem with Cordova's trapped soul vanished, banished by the gnomeling's magic to parts and planes unknown.