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Session 133 - Careless Wishper

posted Sep 28, 2017, 2:12 PM by Will McCain   [ updated Sep 29, 2017, 11:36 AM ]

Callon's anguished cry echoed through the chamber as Cordova's limp form fell into his arms. The other mingling adventurers turned toward the sound to see Callon cradling the fallen cleric and Jonid smiling menacingly where Watch once stood. The members of the Maladroits immediately tensed and cursed at the sight of the gnomeling, but he left them no time to ponder his presence. After casting a spell over the group, he disappeared. 

The Maladroits felt nothing different about them, but noticed their friends beginning to act strangely. They turned malevolent gazes towards the heroes, and they understood that Jonid had left them to fight their comrades while vastly outnumbered. Nico and Master Morvant had managed to avoid succumbing to the spell, but that was small solace for the odds they faced.  Lucas, as quick to understand the situation as he was on his feet, tried to subdue Amii and Elistra. Master Morvant was quick to come to his aid, but all his magics were resisted. Nearby, Alera was on the receiving end of Pebble's fists and was struggling to stand afterward. Nico braced herself to square off against Yanjing and looked to the Maladroits for aid and guidance. Callon carefully set Cordova down before he stood to join the fray with Nico. He ordered Desangriev to assume non-lethal magics, but found himself strangely rebuffed. 

It was a bad situation quickly growing worse. Lucas felt this keenly as he narrowly fended off an attack from Elistra. In his frustration, he yelled out, "I wish you all would just snap out of it!" He had forgotten about the remaining Wish spell in his Luck (now Ribbon) Blade, and the magic sprung to life. It cleared the minds of the enthralled heroes, resetting them to normal. After a moment of confusion, they all counted themselves lucky for having narrowly avoided some bitter fights. Callon called out his thanks to Lucas' quick thinking, which the rogue absently acknowledged. His conflicted gaze was fixed to his sword. While thankful he had been able to undo the mind control, he had also accidentally used his greatest magical resource. Should he be happy, angry, or... both? 

There wasn't much time to ponder, as the group left the room in pursuit of Jonid, only to find themselves in the presence of ancient ruins and a great mystery.