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Session 136 - Invicible Triage

posted Nov 6, 2017, 7:18 PM by Will McCain
The assembled heroes decide to put an end to the mortal threat of Jonid. Before Callon deals the final blow, however, Knox stops him and does the deed himself. With their foe now deceased, Alera immediately attempts a Speak with Dead spell, only for it to fail when cast. Master Morvant is furious at this and storms off to vent his rage at Jonid's continued annoyance with some violent spellcasting.

Finally returning to the surface by way of the Green Olive, the Maladroits find it in a state of panic. Seeking the cause, they find the Invincible Trio of Bull, Cat, and Fox tearing up the Pimento in a veeery drunken rampage. Before the heroes can decide how to deal with them, the seasoned warriors spot them, greet them warmly, and engage them in combat. A brutal series of magical and ranged attacks fall upon the Maladroits. Even though Knox is able to banish Bull to a Maze, the attacks leave the group heavily injured. Lucas and Knox are able to drag their teammates away, and make for the Tower to regroup. Casulaties:  Alera heavily injured and dazed, and Callon freshly spun from the mortal coil and in dire need of a raise.