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Sessions 137 & 138 - The Villains in Your History

posted Feb 23, 2018, 5:36 PM by Will McCain   [ updated Feb 23, 2018, 6:22 PM by Paul H ]
Tumbling out of the entrance to the Pimento, the Maladroits didn't have time to concoct a counterattack before the Royal Guard surrounded them and placed them under arrest. Confused and protesting, they nonetheless relented. Taken back to the palace, they were placed in cells, along with Callon's lifeless body. They were told that not only had Princess Jessa had been returned by the Invincible Trio, but they had discovered that the Maladroits had been keeping her captive. They readily agreed to be questioned under the effects of a Zone of Truth.

When questioned, they tried to answer truthfully but heard themselves relate the same tale the Trio had told. However, when Callon was questioned via Speak with Dead, he told their true account that had no involvement with hiding Jessa. The Minister of Magic was inclined to believe them, and had them brought to the king. 

Along the way, and in a far off realm, Callon spoke with the spirit of his sword. It had the power to bring him back to life, but it didn't yet see what good that would accomplish. Callon managed to convince it that he needed to be there for his team and to speak to the truth of whatever was happening that caused him to be questioned. The Maladroits were surprised and happy when the body they had been dragging sprung back to life and stood amongst them once more.

The king agreed with the Minister of Magic in his own faith in the Maladroits. He explained how the Trio had returned Jessa and taken the money promised them. To prove his point, he called for Jessa. The young girl appeared from a side door and approached the group. However, when she touched the Anti-Magic Field that had been erected, she disappeared. Merely a carefully and exquisitely crafted illusion. The king sagged in despair, but Callon stepped forward and urged him to hold his head high despite this betrayal and trust that the people he could trust would deliver Jessa home.

The Maladroits were cleared of all charges and released. Returning to the streets, however, they found the public turned against them by pamphlets and rumors spread by the Trio before they left for parts unknown with their ill-gotten gains. Ignoring the crowds as best they could, they went about their business. 

First, a trip to the haul to deal with broken equipment. Lots of equipment was sold both to garner funds and to lighten their collective loads. Callon even sold his Ring of Blinking, deciding not to rely on it anymore. With their business finished, they went to check in on other friends before making the inevitable trek to the Tower with their new Shard of Illusion. 

Arriving at Kokichi's, they were alarmed to find the workshop blown out and Kokichi himself picking himself off the ground. The gnome told them that he had finally gotten the suit working, but that something had gone wrong with the magics and it had run amok with Gunst inside. Following his lead, they left him to race after it and hopefully stop it before it could do any true damage to the city that was feeling less and less like home.