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Session 139 - In a Workshop! With a Box of Pink Rocks!

posted Mar 10, 2018, 4:12 PM by Will McCain
Racing after Gunst, the Maladroits found him in the middle of a town square. He was surrounded by a magical aura that bent the air around him like a hot road. They tried calling out to him, but he clearly was not in the proper mind to respond. They moved in and prepared to engage him.

With his magical vision, Knox tried to get a better understanding of what forces were at play with the armor. When he looked at Gunst, however, all he saw was a sphere of utter black. He was almost blinded when looking away from him because of how bright the regular world was in comparison. Delving deep into his arcane knowledge, he remembered the theory of Unmagic. It was different from Anti-Magic in that it did not simply prevent magic from propagating into tangible effects, but rather absorbed all magics and twisted the paths of mana so much that all potentials and possibilities of a spell were squelched. Or enacted all at once, depending on your source. It was a very confusing theory.

With much of their spell arsenal rendered ineffective, Alera and Knox fell back to supporting Callon and Lucas as they laid injuries into Gunst. They hoped that rendering him unconscious would somehow shut down the armor and bring him back to his senses. Indeed, after a fierce battle, Gunst fell to the ground under the weight of many grievous wounds. The aura from that armor that had been filling the area around it with a strange pink glow immediately ceased. It stopped pulling on Gunst's mind and lifeforce, and he gasped back to life, once more in his right mind.

He hardly had time to assure the Maladroits of his regained control and explain the properties of the suit when Eueth flew in and breathlessly told the group that there was an emergency and they had to get to the Ivory Tower NOW. Gunst took off at a job, and the rest of the group mounted the phoenix, mentally bracing themselves for their next trial.