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Session 140 - One of Those Days

posted Mar 10, 2018, 5:09 PM by Will McCain
The news at the Tower was dire. Rufus had been made aware of happenings in the southeast near Alera's home temple. A terrible beast of legend, called the Terrasque, had been hibernating there for century, perhaps millenia. However, Oragor was moving in, and there was a good chance he might awaken it. There was not much known about it, except that it was unkillable, known as a destroyer of kingdoms, and was supposed to be more active. There was no good solution to dealing with the double threat, so the Maladroits were being sent as the only recourse available.

One quick teleport scroll later, the Maladroits found themselves standing at the entrance to a massive chamber where a enormous beast of nightmare lay defeated and unmoving. A group of goblins surrounded it, calling out to it as their savior to help them win their losing battle with Riparia. Embedded in its back was a simple blade, and the Maladroits knew it immediately to be the final Shard of Abjuration. Fresh despair gripped their hearts as they saw Oragor Dreadthorne walk across the back of the titan and grip the handle of the blade. With a quick motion, he pulled it free. As it stirred, he spared the Maladroits a single, resigned look before turning and walking away, fading away with each step.

The monster's regenerative abilities left no time to act as it stirred and began changing into an even more terrifying form. Even worse, the goblins surrounding it began to change, as well. They grew and mutated, becoming fearsome in their own right. The party prepared for battle.

Knox and Alera tried sending spells at the group as the beast began to rise. They found some success on the changed goblins, but the Terrasque itself seemed mostly immune. As it began to move towards them in order to reach the exit of the cave, they decided to let it pass. The rumors alone were enough for them to know they couldn't face it and the cadre of goblins at once. As it raced towards the exit, they turned back to their other foes and began their assault.

Spells flew and blades flashed. Coming from goblins, these changed creatures proved more annoyance than actual threat. Still, the Maladroits were finding themselves working with dwindling resources as they were forced into battle after battle without time for rest. With the last goblin felled, they raced to the exit of the cave to see where the Terrasque had gone.

The roars and clouds of dust some mile away were easy enough to spot, and also told them of its terrible speed. Using Knox's only casting of Haste, they bolted towards it. Perhaps they could do something to keep it from trampling Riparia underfoot. When they caught up to it, they were shocked to find Guntz there, battered but barely holding in place with his armor. They could also see he would not last long by himself. Their bodies begged for rest, but their resolve remained firm. 

It would pass no further.