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Session 141 - A Price Too High Terrasque

posted Mar 18, 2018, 1:13 PM by Will McCain   [ updated Apr 8, 2018, 8:27 AM ]
With Guntz's life on the line, the Maladroits had no choice but to engage the Terrasque. The lingering Freedom of Movement that Knox had cast on them kept the Terrasque from devouring any of them, but it was a small blessing. It proved every bit as challenging as its legend told, healing almost all the damage done to it almost immediately. For her part, Alera found her healing abilities pushed to the limit as the fighters managed to get it looking somewhat hurt. The day of endless battles was taking its toll on the party's reserves, and all knew that another solution was needed.

The chance to find that solution arrived when Knox successfully cast the Terrasque into a Maze. While it would give the beast time to fully heal, it also allowed the group time to recuperate themselves and figure out a strategy for defeating it. Brainstorming with Guntz, they remembered the odd abilities of his suit and its Unmagic. He said that he might be able to disrupt the Terrasque's abilities with the field of disruption he had used before by striking the borders of reality. It sounded like a good start, until the Maladroits remembered that they had both a Portable Hole and a Bag of Holding. They all knew the dangers of combining the two items, and realized that it might be a perfect way to deal with the monster. Destroying both items by putting the hole into the bag would create a rift to the Astral Plane. While there were many creatures there who would not be too happy at such an unstoppable horror appearing on their doorstep, the plane itself was vast beyond imagining. Chances were good it would simply end up floating aimlessly through a silver expanse. 

While no one wanted to be sucked in along with the Terrasque, Lucas volunteered to be the one to deliver the trap. He was the nimblest, he argued, and in case he was sucked in, he was the most expendable of the group in the long run. This mature evaluation shocked and impressed Callon, and showed just how much he had grown. Moments before the Terrasque was to reappear, Guntz argued that he should be the one to deliver it, because of both his protective armor and the reach it afforded him. The Maladroits emptied the bag of holding and handed both items to the half-dragon. 

Moving out of reach, the group watched their armored friend take position next to where the Terrasque had disappeared. Finally, it popped back into existence, and Guntz immediately grappled it. Looking over to the Maladroits, he smiled sadly and said, "<insert cool departing phrase>." Then, he turned a knob on the chestplate of his armor and initiated the self-destruct sequence. The group shouted out for him to stop, then had to shield their eyes as a magic explosion washed over them. When it cleared, they saw the split open carcass of the Terrasque in the middle of a field of pink energies. Watching for a few moments, they could tell that it was thankfully not regenerating. They would still have to get help to keep it that way, since there was no way of knowing if the field would last.

Spent, hurting, and devastated at losing yet another friend, they made camp for the night, hoping to finally find some long-overdue rest.