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Session 142 - The Road of Perdition

posted Apr 8, 2018, 8:26 AM by Will McCain
The next morning, the Maladroits broke camp and surveyed once more the devastation that had been wrought. The field still remained around the broken carcass of the mythical beast, so they could rest easy, though not for long. Not knowing how long it would be before proper measures to contain the Terrasque could be put in place (and also hoping that such measures existed), they began to cordon off the area and tried to think of how to keep travelers from coming across it, as they were in the middle of a well-traveled road.

To their fortune, a trio of local druids emerged from the forest. They had come to investigate the disturbance they had heard, and were shocked at what they saw. After briefly explaining the situation, they gladly offered to help. Along with the Maladroits, they felled a number of trees to be used as barricades and road blocks. Callon also enlisted Alera's help to fashion a makeshift sledge for their now containerless equipment. After those preparations were made, Lucas and Callon led two of the druids to the cavern where the Terrasque had been sleeping in order to make sure the mutated goblins didn't share the beast's penchant for regeneration. Fortunately, the corpses laid where they were slain, though the druids opted to keep one of their own on lookout. Finally, they sent one of Morvant's Homing Bats towards Riparia with a message of what had happened, in case it might reach the Tower before Alera could prepare a casting of Sending. Knox also reported the results of his day of examining the remains, telling the group that his best guess was that the field keeping the beast from recovering would last a time, but not to count on more than a month or two if luck held out.

With their precautions finished, the Maladroits settled into another evening of camping, this time joined by the druids. They tried to lift their spirits with shared stories. Being so close to Alera's monastery, the cleric and the captain began talking of their time there. Hearing the description of the place, Lucas became suspect of how such a remote place came to be wardens of so many orphans. Alera dismissed it at first, but eventually agreed that it might bear investigating. Callon, recounting his own limited time there, also found some troubling memories. 

When morning came, they thanked the druids and bid them farewell, assuring them that further magical help would be on its way. With curiosity piqued, they began the short hike to Alera's monastery, and another rendezvous with history.