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Session 144 - Deviations from the Norn

posted Apr 23, 2018, 11:29 AM by Will McCain   [ updated Apr 23, 2018, 11:47 AM by Paul H ]
Putting the issue of the undead aside for now, the Maladroits pushed on until they finally reached Alera's old hilltop home. Looking upon the simple wooden buildings, the party remembered their previous fight and decided for caution in approaching it. Taking to the air, they surveyed the cloister. They saw no movement or anything that spoke of foul deeds being done. It was strangely derelict, though, with signs of neglect. Even more troubling, there was some kind of aura of silence about the area. The grass swayed in motion, and wooden shutters knocked against buildings, but they heard no wind nor discerned the crack of wood on wood.

Splitting into two groups, they decided to investigate further. Callon and Alera took the conspicuous route and entered the main hall. Rapping his knuckles on the door, the pair were surprised that it produced sound as normal. Even more bizarre, Alera noticed that the door squeaked, even though the hinges were perfectly oiled. Entering, they found it as bare as the rest of the complex. The only curiosity was the lack of chairs where the instructors would sit at the end of the great hall. Knox and Lucas quietly entered the dormitories, looking for anything amiss. Not a soul or trace of one could be found. They noticed that the nameplates for each room were written in Sylvan, which seemed an odd choice for followers of Heironeous. Removing one, they found that the student's name was written in common on the reverse, leading them to suspect that the Sylvan had been left as a message. Translating each nameplate, a message emerged:

"All of this is for a reason. All of you are for a reason. All that happens is for a reason. Every reason is for a reason."

A thoroughly unsettled Lucas led Knox to rendezvous with the others and was the first to voice that this was not a place where they should linger. Still, the group - and Alera foremost - demanded answers. They moved to the classrooms next, and split the rooms between themselves. Lucas, investigating the classrooms, found strange writing on the chalkboard. Alera, looking through the library, examined books she had reach in her younger days. To her astonishment, they were not the books themselves, but poor copies of what had been written in them. Callon, taking to the teachers' offices, found various instructions for how to create Heironiacal items. He even found one such item: a crudely crafted longsword with the heraldry of the war god worked into it. Knox, entering the headmaster's office, was amazed at what he found. Upon one wall was a litter of papers pinned up with strings running between them. Reading as fast as he could, he pieced together some kind of plan to pass on the knowledge and preservation of the ways of the cloister to a being or agent unburdened by aging and death so that would be able to eventually carry it onward perpetually. Calling the rest of the group in, he shared what he had found. Equal parts amazed and aghast, they resolved that it was time to visit their last destination: the temple.

The heavy doors to the sanctuary opened with the same solemnity they had always known. The petitioners who entered came like many before them seeking answers, even if theirs was a more immediate and temporal quandary. Finally they had more than the remains of the long departed. At the other end of the room, a tall and beautiful woman stood next to the altar. Nearly equal in size to the undead they had recently fought, she gave off a serene and ancient air. Knox knew it to be a Norn, a spirit ancient beyond imagining bound to fate itself. Addressing it, Callon asked if it was responsible for what had they had found in the monastery. Running an enormous hand over the reel of golden thread she carried, the otherworldly woman calmly said it was.
Paul H,
Apr 23, 2018, 11:48 AM