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Session 149 & 150 - A Torrent of Troubles

posted Aug 19, 2018, 9:43 AM by Will McCain   [ updated Aug 19, 2018, 11:57 AM ]
Maladroits at sea! With Knox at the magical helm and Lucas using his fresh sailing knowledge to keep the ship in proper sailing form, Alera and Callon enjoyed the feeling of being on the waves. While Callon reminisced about the time he spent with Carissa on the seas of Morend, Alera ran between starboard to port to bow, full of childish wonder. She had never been on the ocean, after all, so it was quite exciting for her. For a long while it was a peaceful voyage of friends and comrades. As with everything involving the Maladroits, though, peace was not to last.

Before long, they caught sight of another ship on horizon. It was closing in on them fast, and it wasn't long before they made out the skull and crossbones defiantly hoisted over its sails. Sighing to themselves, they readied themselves for a fight. They slowed the Dibs as the other ship pulled alongside. They were told to surrender their goods or their lives. Smirking to one another, they chose a third option and took the fight to the pirates.

Both sides started off strong. The enemy cleric cast a Mind Fog on Lucas. In response, Knox put up a Prismatic Wall blocking off almost an entire side of the Dibs from view. This frustrated the pirates, as they had to reposition themselves and make quick teleports over to the Dibs. The Maladroits used this time to gather to the center of their boat and prepare their various skills and tricks. Before long, a fight is upon them, with a monk, barbarian, and bard coming over from the pirate crew to try and take them out. Callon and Lucas pair up to take on the monk, while Knox is able to send the barbarian away with Maze. Unfortunately, the barbarian is able to return in only a few moments while the monk landed a Stunning Fist on Lucas. The Maladroits front-liners were about to try and mount another offensive when another threat emerged from the waves. An enormous beast from the depths took notice of the battle and decided to make the Dibs its next prey. 

The two parties agree to a temporary cease-fire to deal with the threat. Spell and strike were piled on, but it was too little. Saved from the depths by a Mass Fly spell bequeathed to them by Knox, the Maladroits could only watch as their beautiful ship, brought all the way from the Astral Plane, slowly dipped beneath the water. Fortunately, all of the most precious items they brought with them were still in their Bag of Holding, so it was only the ship that was lost. Not only that, but Alera had heard tell of a spell she could cast that would be able to return their lost vessel to them. It was strange to have such a simple fix to a problem, for once. 

The heroes landed on the deck of the pirate ship. The other crew had already retreated there, and were continuing to fight to monster now that it's attention turned to their own vessel. Knowing their mission is more important than their ship, Callon opens negotiations to book passage to Morend. While Lucas also agrees with the order of priorities, he is less quick to forgive, keeping an eye on the crew for an excuse to enter combat again. To him, booking passage is like rewarding them for attacking the Maladroits and sinking the Dibs. Knox and Alera have their concerns, as well, but Callon gives them all the order to fall into line in Solfege. With a tentative agreement in place, the pirate crew calls for their captain.

Carissa Foxmane.