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Session 151 & 152 - Star Crossed and Sea Tossed

posted Sep 8, 2018, 6:05 PM by Will McCain   [ updated Sep 8, 2018, 6:08 PM ]
Rike the Bard. Denea the empathic arcanist. Beatrice the motherly cleric. Sir Worg the battle-hungry. Delve the emotionless monk. <Geordi> who saw and acted through his ship. Visili the annoying. They all seemed strangely familiar. They all turned with respect at the appearance of their captain, Carissa Foxmane. Callon was speechless in joy and confusion as she walked over to the discussion. Callon expressed his amazement and asked how long she had been awake. She ignored his question and calmly stated that if they wished to book passage, the fee would be much higher. Callon was shocked at her coldness, and pushed against her demand, asking what happened to her. Did she even get his letters? They arguee back and forth, with Carissa placing a hand on her blade at one point as a warning. Having had enough, she stormed off. Callon, however, called after her with parts of a song from their wedding. Carissa stopped, but didn't turn back, even as the rest of the crew joined in Callon's singing. The Maladroits were very confused. As they reached the end of the song, Carissa finally joined in the chorus as she rushed back to throw herself on Callon in tears.

Reconciled for the moment, Carissa told her crew to set sail as the Maladroits sat down with her to see what had happened in the time Callon had been away. She told them that she had awoken from her mystical sleep not long after Callon had left for Riparia. Her family told her that Callon had stayed with her after she fell into her sleep just long enough to satisfy propriety and then quickly made his exit. Nothing had been said of their convincing him to annul the marriage. She refused to accept the decision, and took her favorite ship from the Brineheart fleet and left Morend. With legitimate enterprise no longer an option, she became the pirate captain of the Sparrow and raided ships in the seas between Riparia and Morend. Though refusing to surrender her married name, she was still angry at Callon for leaving her as she had been told. Callon explained not only their great mission and the vision that pulled him away from Morend but what happened at the wedding that he learned from the Maladroits' adventure with Beletsirana. There is little time for anyone to process either revelation as a Dead Ship closed in on them and battle was joined.

Undead flesh given form and motion by the restless souls of those lost at sea, Knox recalled what such vessels are capable of. Carissa and Callon called everyone together to first receive buffs from Alera and Beatrice before facing off agains the horror. Before they can be dispensed, the ship attacked with one of its dreaded abilities, slaying Sir Worg and Delve. The two groups continued the plan, and magics were dispersed. With their flight and other reinforcing magics in place, Callon, Lucas, and Carissa soared out over the waves to engage the enemy. The arcane casters began pouring spells into it, while Alera and Beatrice started using their healing arts to disrupt the energies of undeath. Carissa tried to damage the ship first, but missed. Moments later, Lucas and Callon got into their usual positions and began landing strikes on the fleshy hull. Alera and Beatrice decided to take a more hands-on approach, with Beatrice teleporting over and Alera flying over like her comrades. They both unleashed channels and Heal spells into the terrible vessel. Callon had received a particularly potent blessing from one of Alera's spells, and decided to try using a new ability he had access to: the Smite attack of a Paladin. Charged with holy power and Callon's own might, the ship was unable to avoid its doom. 

The group returned to the deck of the Sparrow. Alera and Knox examined the fallen, and determined that the terrible rending away of Sir Worg and Delve's souls could not be undone with a regular resurrection spell. However, the use of Miracle on each one from Alera should suffice. For such specific cases, she wouldn't even have to supplement the spell with the usual amount of gold in order to petition the Dawnflower. The bodies were preserved until the morning when Alera would have the magic prepared, and both crew and Maladroits relaxed, glad to have survived and a little more comfortable with their circumstances. Lucas and Knox still opt to remain on guard around actual pirates.

For their part, Callon and Carissa retreated to her cabin to make up for lost time.