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Session 153 - Pressed Sternum Depression

posted Feb 16, 2020, 1:03 PM by Will McCain
The Maladroits finally enter Callon's family home and are immediately greeted by a monk bodyguard named Lilu. She is a little too eager in her duties, and is more inclined to fight the party than listen to Callon's protests of it being, in truth, HIS home she is defending against him. She holds her own surprisingly well against the party, with pain dealt and healed in equal measure. The heretofore expatriat hommadryad queen of the Shalewood that was helping Lilu came under assault from the party, but pleaded for them to stop fighting Lilu. Sharing her protests with the monk, the party managed to convince her to stand down with a flash of Callon's Foxmane signet ring. With a wary truce, Lilu began to lead them to Corwin's study, ominously asking that Callon not do his brother any harm after they spoke.