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Session 154 - Immigrants Wronged

posted Apr 25, 2020, 6:00 PM by Will McCain
The Maladroits were finally admitted to Corwin's office, where he brought them up to date on happenings in Morend. The tales surrounding Callon were in part spread by him and his efforts marketing new products using his elder brother as an inspiration. As Callon feared, his letters home from Riparia had never arrived. He apologized to his younger brother for letting him think him dead for so long, but Corwin didn't seem to take much umbrage and was just happy he was alive. 

Attention then turned to Lilu and her hamadryad companion. Corwin explained that both of them were refugees from the Shalewood in eastern Morend and the mountains bordering them. The hamadryad, who is by nature a queen of the forest, had fled from the Shalewood when an erlking, previously summoned from the Feywild to help fend off invaders, had refused to return to his home plane. He declared a war on civilization, which the gentle hamadryad opposed. She wanted to warn the nearby towns, but was chased by his soldiers. In her flight she had met Lilu, who agreed to fend off the pursuers while local Naiads helped the  hamadryad escape. Both were injured and ended up floating down the river towards Morend City, desperately clinging to life. By chance they washed up on the shore of the Foxmane estate, where Corwin found them and offered them sanctuary. 

The group also learned that Lilu had been born a Dwarf in the eastern mountains that border Morend and trained as a Monk of the Four Winds. She had died in combat, but her mastery of her discipline afforded her instant reincarnation into a new body. She awoke as a human in village some distance from the mountain dens, where she met the hamadryad.

Another troubling issue was the troubling news that Corwin had been the target of three separate assassination attempts in the recent month and a half. That coincided somewhat with the appearance of the hamadryad, but the group couldn't make any conclusions baed on the little information Corwin had to offer. It did help to explain how aggressively Lilu had received the armed party. 

Now up to speed, the Maladroits decided to do some legwork and take care of some other lingering issues. For his part, Callon went with Carissa to visit the Brinehearts in order to clear the air. He explained as well as he could about Beletsirana, and how the extant Foxmanes were trustworthy allies. Reflecting aftterward, he realized they wanted to hear him speak more on Carissa and the future he saw with her. Nonetheless, a tenuous agreement and understanding between the families was forged.

Knox and Alera searched around Morend for information. They learned about a conglomerate whose markets were in direct competition with Corwin. It was taking the unique path securing funds from commoners to fund its efforts. The founder, Reynold Forsythe, became a prime suspect for the assassinations in her mind. They also happened upon a shop serving arcane needs, which was a rarity in Morend. It was run by a Verona Skyspark, who had come to the capital from the southern city of Eyrie. She was fascinated by Knox's arcane talent, and was herself a fan of the Marvelous Tales that Jonid had spread so effectively.

Lucas flexed his roguish might and learned the details of the different assassination attempts. Each had been perpetrated by different people, two of which the guard had custody of. Searching their records, he couldn't find much information on them. He did, however, find records of bribes that might explain why so little legwork had been done. Searching the back channels, he also learned of a contract out on Corwin.

Returning to the estate, Lucas tested its security a bit, to the consternation of Lilu, who WAS said security. A brief prank war ensued, which earned her some esteem in his eyes. Lilu's estimation was yet to be determined.