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Session 155 - Fresh Baked Patsy

posted Apr 25, 2020, 6:20 PM by Will McCain
After sharing their findings with Corwin, the Maladroits debated on what to do. They thought of taking direction against Forsythe, but that stood to be too high profile  if it was traced back to Callon. More importantly, it seemed incredibly out of character for business dealings in Morend. Something else could be afoot. In the end, they decided the best way to learn more was to ask Forsythe himself. Even if he refuted the charges, maybe they could learn what would push him to such extremes. 

As Forsythe wasn't a noble, they had no obligation to inform him of their desire for a meeting. A sudden appearance at his door was met with a cordial welcome and followed by a genteel discussion that danced around the issue while the Maladroits tried to feel him out. Not making any headway, they asked him directly about the assassinations and laid out the evidence they had found for suspecting him. He seemed genuinely shocked by the accusation. He starts to respond, but turns in surprise at a loud crash from the rear of his property. Looking out his window, everyone sees centaurs and satyrs emerging from the wood and ready to charge the manor.

Some more pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place in the minds of the adventurers, but they first had to fend off this unexpected assault. They tell him to take cover somewhere as they head outside to meet the invaders. Their numbers are alarming, but none of them prove much of a challenge for the veteran fighters. Smoke suddenly fills the house, but the lack of fire suggests that it was simply a security measure that Forsythe had activated. While they try and piece together the motive for the assault, the driving force itself appears as the Erlking himself emerges from the wood.