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Session 156 - No Rest for the Trees

posted Jun 7, 2020, 12:04 PM by Will McCain
The Maladroits meet the Erlking's attack. Through the back and forth, the party notices some strange things. First, when pressed about why he's attacking, the Erlking responds in a stutter that he must protect Forsythe. What's more, Knox notices that he is wearing an odd iron crown. Searching his prodigious memory, he recalls that it must be an artifact known as the Crown of the Iron King. It is a foul thing that makes whoever it is placed upon obey the orders of the one who placed it. Realizing that the Erlking isn't their true quarry, they do their best to end the fight without killing him. In the meantime, a magical fog was unleashed in Forsythe's mansion, causing Alera to become Feebleminded.

With the Erlking subdued and the rest of the attackers subdued or (for the most part) slain, Knox flies into the sky to see if Forsythe fled his manor. Sure enough, he is able to spot him running away down the road that winds from his estate. He and Callon give pursuit, while Lucas keeps watch over the unconscious Erlking and the childlike Alera. Upon seeing them approach, Forsythe casts various spells at the pair. Now realizing they are dealing with a caster, they close in to subdue him. After resisting or countering various attacks, they go on the offensive themselves. Knox launches Callon toward Forsythe in a Telekinetic Charge. The impact of the fighter hitting the ground next to Forsythe knocks him off balance long enough for Callon to wind back Desangriev and slam the flat of the blade into Forsythe, knocking him out.

They bind the merchant and return him to the manor. After Knox shares his knowledge of the Crown, the Maladroits realize they were right to suspect Forsythe from the beginning. They begin damage control, with Lucas heading into town for a scroll of Restoration that he can cast to remove Alera's condition. He also gets word to Corwin, Lilu, and Kava Nara, so that they can all convene at Forsythe's manor and discuss what to do with the devious merchant.