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Session 157 - Robber Barren

posted Jun 8, 2020, 8:05 AM by Will McCain
Forsyth and the Erlking both laid unconscious in the merchant's parlor as the Maladroits and their Morendi allies began discussion their options. Kava Nara helped to fill in some of the details of what had transpired. She remembered Forsythe coming into the forest and making various agreements with the Erlking for resources from the woods. She recalled his behavior changing one day after meeting with Forsythe, and all made the connection to the Crown of the Iron King. As for punishment, she was willing to help, but really just wanted to return to the woods with a freed Erlking. 

The discussion boiled down to two options. On the one hand, they could report Forsythe's misdeeds to the crown and let Morendi justice follow its natural course. On the other, they could see his punishment through themselves, claiming their right as the injured party as well as seeing through the wills of the forest royalty. After much discussion, they were unsure that Morendi law would be as strict as they thought it should be on someone of such financial influence and import. Also, Morend was not as advanced in the arcane arts as places like Riparia, so a Sorcerer like Forsythe might be able to turn things to his advantage or even escape. Callon voiced his own personal hesitation with turning to the crown. To him, Forsythe was either going to be willing to seek reformation or would continue to be a threat. He had already proven how dangerous he was willing to be, and the good of the people he would eventually hurt again must take precedence.

Knowing that justice must be done, the rest of the group relented. Rousing Forsythe, they first had him remove the Crown from the Erlking. Kava Nara took him, still injured and confused, and retreated with him into the woods after some words of commiseration with the party. Callon asked if he was willing to change his ways, a proposal that Forsythe flatly refused. Forsythe continued to attempt spells to regain his freedom, even as he was brought outside and knelt in place for Callon to deliver the finishing blow. In a panic to flee, Forsythe used Dimension Door to escape once more on the road. Knox used the same spell to follow, with Callon in tow. Upon catching up to him, they saw him readying a scroll, but didn't get him a chance to finish as Callon ran him through.

It was a grisly business, but at least it was over. The group met back up with Corwin and settled the remaining issues in Morend before setting out for Tortuftus in their long trek to the eastern mountains. As they neared Lucas' homeland, they stopped at a small village with a cozy inn called the Gray, named after an obscure but beloved adventurer who had fallen in battle. Talking to the locals, they heard odd tales of the Hopeless Maladroits making their way through the region. The THREE Hopeless Maladroits. Their fears were soon realized when the Invincible Trio walked in, and, with little pause, battle was joined.