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Session 158 - Triage

posted Jun 16, 2020, 7:06 PM by Will McCain
Ever since they somehow earned the ire of the fearsome and fabled adventurers known as the Invincible Trio, the Hopeless Maladroits have been looking over their shoulder. They were once nearly slain by the three, and have been the target of their hatred ever since. Now, in a nondescript village between countries, they happened once more upon the warriors who have claimed them as foes.

Battle is joined immediately and savagely by the Trio, with Fox casting a Fireball at the group. They manage to bear it without much damage, but look around in horror as the patrons they had been sitting with were now charred corpses on the floor. Throwing all reservation aside, they engage. A Hungry Pit spells nearly catches Callon and Alera, but the fighter is nimble enough to step aside and pull Alera along. Blows and spells are exchanged in an escalation ferocity. At one point, Lucas gets confused. Then, Callon suffers a series of such heavy blows that it takes the blessing of his armor and all of Alera's healing might to keep him from utter death. It was looking like it might be a repeat of the their first encounter with the seasoned warriors. 

Fortunately for the Maladroits, Knox was able to land some well-considered spells. Cat was sent away with a Gate spell, and Bull was encased in an Icy Prison. Recovered enough to fight, Callon landed a stunning blow on Fox, which gave the rest of the party just the chance they needed to finish him off. The momentum of the battle had been shifted, and the Maladroits finally had the upper hand! A brief consideration was had over whether to show the Trio mercy. Such was the prerogative of the strong and the victorious, after all. Thinking back to their past crimes and killings, the group quickly and grimly decided that the world ill needed such 'heroes' as these three. In the end, they too dangerous and just not that important.

While they waited for Cat to reappear from his banishment, Callon walked over to Bull. As the mighty fighter struggled in vain against several feet of solid ice, the Morendi captain braced himself and slowly pushed him into the waiting maw of the Hungry Pit. Alera healed the group back as they listened to the grinding of ice as it broke. Bull was eventually freed, but had no way to climb out of the pit. He was hardy, though, so he struggled against its hunger for some time. Watching him, they noticed him trying to get something from his bag. Determined that he would get no chance for escape, Alera dispelled the magic that had conjured the pit. Bull was immediately before them on the floor of the tavern, but had no chance to act as Knox stripped away his remaining life with Disintegrate. Now, there was but one left.

The group took their places around the spot where Cat had vanished and readied their attacks for when he appeared. Alera stepped aside to heal the regular folk still in the tavern who had been injured by the initial magical assault. Finally, Cat returned. A clear-headed Lucas met him, ready to pit their roguish skills against one another. Cat was slippery, though. It was finally a well-placed strike that fell as a final doom from Callon that slew him. 

And such was the ending of the infamous band of adventurers known as the Invincible Trio. Often honored, sometimes cursed, and always feared, the Maladroits found it fitting that their legend should end in a place so easily overlooked. As their bodies burned in the pyre, the party found themselves eased of one thorn in their sides. Which, of course, only helped them remember how sharply the ones remained still stung.