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Session 159 - Sins of the Feather

posted Aug 16, 2020, 2:39 PM by Will McCain
The Maladroits continued on their journey from Morend by catching a ride with a merchant caravan heading towards Tortuftus. It was quicker than walking, but they still got to see and share the land where Callon and Lucas had been born and raised. They chatted idly with the troupe as it traveled, and kept them safe from the odd wandering beast or monster that proved little challenge for them now. They had made it the foothills of the Wyrmaw Mountains that bordered Morend when evening arrived and it was time to set up camp. 

After a simple dinner, the group of travelers sat around the campfire sharing stories. The fantastical tales of the Maladroits astonished and captivated many, but attention was never far from the lands to the east. The group was now close enough to Toftuftus but still high enough to get a clear view of the Scoured Lands, where the Stormwall had, for reasons still unknown, ventured from it sat out at sea to sweep across a third of the land of Tortuftus. In its wake was a dead and barren land where plants, animals, and people all had been unmade in an instant. The stark white land shining in the moonlight gave them all cold shivers. Talk eventually turned to the mysterious event so many years ago. Some of the Morendi merchants brought up how it resulted in an escalation of Tortuftan aggression that Morend had to answer. Lucas was taken aback by this, saying that he remembered it being Morend who had taken advantage of Tortuftus' sudden weakness. Alera tried to placate the group, while Callon thought there was a truth to be found behind the different accounts. Lucas, not wanting to disclose himself as Tortuftan, asked in Solfege to speak with the rest of the party later.

Sadly, that chance would be delayed as an unexpected visitor arrived: Dram, the fearsome blue dragon that they had made a deal with and then betrayed in the alternate cosmology in order to obtain one of the Shards. He brought along younger blue dragons with him and was generally far more intimidating now, with the clear trappings of undeath about him. He said nothing to the Maladroits and prepared to attack. The party, previously discussing the past wrongs of their respective countries, were now faced with a past error of their own. Fate would see how well they answered it.