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Session 61 - Light in the Darkness

posted Nov 20, 2012, 12:16 PM by Will McCain   [ updated Mar 15, 2013, 1:01 PM ]
The heroes and their new allies, the Akari twins Nico and Qip, had a well-earned rest in an abandoned storeroom adjacent to the prison. There, Nico and Qip regained their strength from the food provided by the group's magical field provisions bag. Nico explained how she had been personally summoned by Pelor to be his paladin and Qip told of how his reading about the animals of different lands had show him the way of the druid. They also revealed to the group that Caesras' history was even more confusing than they already knew, as the psychopomp for the Darkness Immortal had somehow been able to establish a prophecy of her coming before she was even born. Putting aside the prophetic "Stupid Thing," the group welcomed the twins into the party and promised to show them the surface world that they had only read about. Lauding their aid in the previous battle, Callon personally dubbed Nico "the Valorous" and Qip "the Steadfast." They then made what preparations they could in order to escape from the illithid city and get back on the track of the Annulus. They were doing well in sneaking out of the city when Nico and Qip overheard two mind flayers talking about the devastating loss of their prisoners. As they needed more sacrifices for their ritual, they had decided to mount a raid upon the Akari city. Not willing to abide such a fate befalling even their enemies, the group raced ahead of the mind flayer party in order to somehow deliver a warning to the dark elf city. It was in their haste that they came upon an Akari hunting party, heading back home via the same tunnel...