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Session 62 - Lost and Found

posted Nov 27, 2012, 4:48 PM by Andy Burras   [ updated Mar 18, 2013, 4:53 PM by Will McCain ]
The Akari hunting party engaged the heroes in combat. Despite attempts to try to warn them, the Akari pressed their attack. After trading some blows, two mind flayers entered the fray, instantly stunning most of both parties with mind blasts. Those unaffected teamed up to take down the common foe. The battle became even more hectic when a young, sneaky roper revealed himself, and started attacking Callon and Alera. The heroes pulled through and defeated the unwelcomed guests. Attempts to capture the Akari were unsuccessful with their spellcaster fleeing, and the lone survivor attempting suicide rather than cooperating.
Gathering up the spoils of victory, Callon decided he wanted a roper tentacle as a trophy. The roper, though, wasn't completely done for. Cutting off it's tentacle killed it, and it began thrashing violently. In it's death throes, it knocked over a cave wall. On closer inspection, the wall was revealed to be an illusion, and contained the entrance to an ancient temple. Ancient Elven graffiti meaning "empty" led the heroes to believe the temple was somehow related to Caesras. The heroes decided to explore the temple, despite warnings from Nico and Qip. The twins left the Maladroits there, stating that they must go to the Akari city in order to make sure a proper warning is delivered, and that the city's defenses are prepared. As a final gesture of goodwill, they promised to help the heroes get through the city on their return from the temple, giving them two days to get back.
The party decided to rest in the entrance to the temple, trusting the illusionary wall to keep them hidden from the approaching mindflayer horde, and hoping nothing would come from within the temple itself.