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Session 63 - Such Profanity

posted Dec 4, 2012, 8:25 AM by Will McCain   [ updated Mar 15, 2013, 12:58 PM ]
The Maladroits made the most of the their rest at the entry to the temple. Alera and Knox prepared spells for combating whatever might lay inside, Lucas did an inventory of useful items that had been forgotten about, and everyone prayed for protection and guidance for whatever waited inside. Upon entering the temple, Alera read to them ancient illithid warnings about the "false mind," which was the name given to a mind flayer who rules over others of his kind through force of will and personality rather than consensus. They then met Erelldet the Profane, the lamia matriarch who had cursed Sagebrush and McGraenge. After defeating her, they bound her and revived her for questioning. She said that she had been led to the temple by Caesras, who , curiously, she had then led into the Akari city. Caesras promised to remove the curse from the lamia if Erelldet helped her, although Erelldet had received no specific instructions from the mysterious Akari. She was killed attempting to escape the heroes, after which the party discovered a secret door. Behind it sat a throne with the bones of an illithid wearing the Annulus as a crown and the Shard of Necromancy run through its skull. Realizing that each of the respective major artifacts was keeping the other's terrible powers at bay, the heroes carefully removed them from the skeleton and secured them to one another for carrying back to Riparia. Finding nothing else, they left the temple to meet back up with Nico and Qip