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Session 68 - Let Them Eat Steak

posted Jan 14, 2013, 4:41 PM by Andy Burras   [ updated May 7, 2013, 12:26 PM by Will McCain ]
Alera was visited by a grumpy ass dwarf who she is forever going to glare at. He told her that her mother likes what she is doing. Questions then followed about what Alera was doing with her life. 

Callon went on a date with Cordova. She took him to an old temple in the city, then left. While still there, he learned that his sword is possessed by two spirits; Des, a violent celestial who likes killing and Griev, an introverted fiend. They told him that the sword was passed down through his family, but truly belongs to him. They also asked him if he was doing what needs to be done, or just reacting to what happens around him. 

Knox had a meeting with his mentor, Master Bertram. Bertram asked him what he learned from his adventure with the party. Knox was a bit confused where this questioning was going. Bertram knows that Knox has trouble with controlling the little things. Bertram wanted to know if Knox would be able to what was coming.  Bertram is expecting further reports.

Lucas went to a bar. There a beautiful blonde struck up a conversation with him. She talked to him about regrets in life. Lucas told her that he didn't have any. Before she left, Lucas realized it was Alli, his rogue mentor! She disappeared, and Lucas was unable to follow. She left a present for Lucas; a black feather engraved with birthday wishes, which made him realize it was his birthday.

The Maladroits met with the Minister of Magic. The Minister told them that they needed to go to the Golden Pavilion by Sunday. They also talked with Fensorciela about the unknown toungue. When Callon told her, "You are a mighty and trusted friend" time skipped forward 30 minutes that no one remembers. The Maldroits then visited their various friends around town.

On the Saturday before they left, a huge barbeque was put on by the Maladroits. Pretty much all of Riparia was invited, and good times were had by all.