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Session 70 - Sincerely Veracitous

posted Jan 26, 2013, 2:53 PM by Andy Burras   [ updated Mar 19, 2013, 1:00 PM by Paul H ]
The Maladroits found the location where the Shard of Divinity told Alera the Golden Pavilion was at.  After a quick search around, a path leading to a bridge was found.  The bridge crossed a large ravine, and lead to a large statue.  When approached, the statue asked them, "Why have you come?".  After a significant answer was given, it asked them, "Which is more important: sincerity or veracity?"  The Maladroits unfortunately stumbled on their words, and gave an answer that the statue wasn't looking for.  A fight ensued.  After a brief battle, just before Callon struck the final blow, a dwarf monk(?) appeared and told him to stop.  She introduced herself as Pebble, and sort of welcomed them to the Golden Pavilion.  It turns out that the Golden Pavilion isn't a complete structure, and incorporates much of the nature around it.

The Maladroits asked Pebble several questions about herself and the pavilion in general.  During this time, it was found that Pebble is under at least one geas, which prevents her from answering certain questions.  The Maladroits split up to look around for themselves.  Knox met some people who told him about a wall that changes colors based on questions you ask towards it.  Knox gathered up the others, and explained to them what was going on with the Wall.  The party messed around with asking several questions, but it mostly left them more confused than enlightened.  They went to go find Pebble to see if she could explain about the wall.  She was found meditating on the water in the middle of a pond.  She took them to an island in the middle to talk.  While the others talked to her, Lucas went exploring the rest of the island.  He found a weird whirlpool a small distance beneath the surface of the pond.  Upon touching it, it felt like his soul was being sucked out.  When Pebble saw him messing with it, she yelled at him, and went into a battle stance!  Will the party have fight her?  We'll find out next time...