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Session 71 - Pavilion of Flying Curses

posted Feb 8, 2013, 6:31 PM by Andy Burras   [ updated Mar 19, 2013, 12:52 PM by Will McCain ]
They did! 

The party was caught off guard by Pebble's attacks. They were even further confused by her profuse apologies for every strike. It was a difficult position, trying to protect themselves (and mostly Lucas) from being hurt, stunned, or both, and not seriously hurting their new dwarven acquaintance. The Maladroits soon realized that it was a geas that was forcing Pebble's actions, and decided to heed her pleas to retreat. Once they were all safely off the island, Pebble relaxed her stance and bid the group to quickly approach again so that she could explain. She told them in a roundabout fashion to follow her into the whirlpool that Lucas was investigating. After she jumped in and disappeared, the party followed likewise and found themselves transported to the Astral Plane. Pebble led them to a room where others were waiting. They each had rock names, with hierarchy signified by the smallest size. Grit, the leader, spoke to the party and explained that they were the Astral Vigil and the Golden Pavilion was their presence on the material plane (and Pebble its keeper). The Astral Vigil was one part of a larger Astral Council with purview over every cosmology across the entire multiverse. Aside from that, Grit had little of use to tell the party, but plenty of contempt. The group returned with Pebble to her quarters to discuss things, where she complemented their martial prowess. Just as Callon thanked her for the kind words, Githyanki raiding ships approached the vigil, ready for a fight.