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Session 72 - Everyone Loves a Boarding Party

posted Feb 11, 2013, 9:36 AM by Will McCain   [ updated Mar 15, 2013, 12:51 PM ]
With no time to waste, our fearless and hopeless Maladroits launched an attack at one of the approaching Githyanki ships. Taking advantage of the astral plane's unique physical laws, they jumped out into space and waited until they floated close enough to the vessel to mentally adjust their subjective gravity. This proved a little difficult for some, but the clever use of Lucas' immovable rods saved them from becoming drifting debris in the vast emptiness of the astral plane. Battle was joined as soon as the party touched down on the vessel, with Alera leading the assault. Callon soon joined in and took out a crew member and a swordsman wielding a silver sword in short order. Lucas and Knox followed soon after and began to face off against other crew members. The navigators of the ship pummeled the party with arrows, forcing Alera to spend several of her astrally-invigorated spells to heal severely injured comrades. After being assaulted by some unexpected area effect spells, Knox looked up with See Invisibility and saw the flying captain tossing down spells from above. Thanks to an Invisibility Purge from Alera, some well-placed spells from both Alera and Knox, and a final arrow from Callon, the captain was slain. Callon fell when he tried to take on the two remaining navigators alone while still heavily injured, but they were quick to fall to the rest of the party. With the ship secured, the Rez Kit saw its first usage in raising Callon from the dead. Noting that their ship was the only undamaged one remaining, the party began to think of what to do with it if they claimed it as their own and of how nice some rest would be at this point.