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Session 73 - Shopping with Slaadi

posted Feb 14, 2013, 5:53 PM by Andy Burras   [ updated Feb 18, 2013, 11:15 AM by Paul H ]
The Maladroits piloted their newly acquired ship, "Dibs", back to the Astral Vigil.  There they surveyed how everyone else did (no one else came back with a ship).   The party was very tired after three hard fights in one day, so they decided to rest up.

The next day, it was decided that some supplies needed refreshing; specifically, the resurrection kit that was used on Callon after he died for the 5th time.  Pebble told the party that the quartermaster might have what they were looking for.  The Maladroits went the shop in the under part of the Vigil.  They bartered with the quartermaster to sell their excess loot and purchase needed supplies.  As he was gone to get their items, some slaadi teleported in!  The unwelcome outsiders quickly split up with one pair engaging the heroes, and the other pair running off to kill acolytes that were quartered nearby.  The party dealt with them as fast as they could, while also saving as many acolytes as they could.  During the fight, Lucas noticed the familiar smell of the Undersand coming off of the slaadi.